Sample Questions, Screenshots and Reports

These pages have been designed to help you understand more clearly our software selection philosophy and the functional areas we examine. In addition, we have included sample screens, questions and reports so that you can understand exactly how the program operates. As you can see from the menu above, there are actually four different pages to this particular section. In order to help you understand more fully the organization of these pages, we have included at the end of this section a more detailed table of contents which will also allow you to jump to any page or any section on any page.

Software Selection Philosophy: This section is a reprint of the introduction to the User/Consultant manual and summarizes quite nicely how we approach software selection. If you are interested in learning more about our software selection philosophy, you might want to jump to the Manuals and Workbooks page to examine the Table of Contents of the User/Consultant manuals.

Functional Areas Analyzed: While we will present sample questions later, this section lists each module/application we analyze as well as functional areas within each module. You will see later on that this is how we chose to organize the needs definition questions themselves. As an example, General Ledger is divided into five separate areas: Chart of Accounts, Transaction Processing, Month and Year-End Processing, Control Reports and Financial Statements. You will also see as you review the questions themselves that we have attempted to use the questions to describe various business processes in chronological order.

Analysis Methodology: While the sample screens and reports will give you concrete examples of the analysis program and its output, this section lists a typical analysis so that you can understand the process before you see any screens, questions or reports.

Sample Screens: Although it will not be possible to show you every screen, these examples should enable you to see how the program operates as well as how simple it is to carry out what is normally a very time-consuming and sometimes frustrating process.

Sample Questions: It is not possible to present the entire questionnaire for your review, especially since the report itself would stretch to 70+ pages. However, we have included a copy of all of the Accounts Payable questions so that you can appreciate the depth of the questions we ask. These questions are from the Enterprise and Modifiable Editions. The Accounts Payable questionnaire in the Standard Edition would be somewhat less detailed.

Sample Reports: Accounting program are only as good as the reports they produce, and the same statement can be made for The Accounting Library as well as any other program of this type. We will present examples of each report as well as a brief description of what can be inferred from the information presented.

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