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You can order with the shopping cart below, or you can call us directly at (804) 330-0000. While everyone is enamored with electronic commerce, maybe we are a bit old fashioned. We would appreciate the opportunity to take your order directly and meet the people who are becoming our customers. Obviously we are willing to work with you any way you feel is best for you, and we hope you will find this tool to be as useful as the thousands of other organizations who have purchased The Accounting Library over the years. If you have any questions, please give us a call.

Kindest Regards,
Charles C. Chewning, Jr.

Save $150 on Any Purchase

Normally The Accounting Library contains a full set of software selection manuals and forms as well as the CD containing the needs analysis program and copies of all the manuals and forms. If you purchase only the CD, you can save $150.

Standard Edition

  • Select from 2,500 features, functions and reports as you build your needs definition.
  • Analyze 115+ entry-level and mid-range products.

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Enterprise Edition

  • Select from 4,000 features, functions and reports.
  • Analyze 150+ products including all of the top enterprise systems.
  • We will work with you to add products to the database that are of specific interest to you.

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Modifiable Edition

  • The Modifiable Edition is similar to an RFI/RFP but vastly more efficient than paper-based questionnaires and a spreadsheet-based analysis.
  • Utilize the same database as the Enterprise Edition (4,000 features and 150+ products).
  • Add, modify or delete as many questions as necessary to create a needs definition unique to your organization. All of these procedures are simple menu/mouse functions.
  • Send your revised needs definition to as many vendors as required regardless of whether they are in the database or not. Again this is an entirely electronic process.
  • Each vendor will receive an electronic questionnaire together with associated help file system that will help them understand exactly what you require.
  • Once they have completed the questionnaire each vendor can export their responses and e-mail the update file to you.
  • All you have to do is select a single menu function to import the vendor's file immediately.
  • Now you are ready to carry out the analysis but you have probably saved several hundred hours of your precious time.

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Reseller Edition

  • We have even created a special edition of The Accounting Software Library for resellers.
  • This special edition allows you to offer services to prospects they would only expect from a top level consultant.
  • Of greater importance the methodology we suggest in the four volume set of accompanying manuals allows you to distinguish yourself from your competition early enough in the sales cycle where it really makes a difference.
  • In addition to three client oriented consulting manuals you will receive a 300+ pages sales and marketing manual written specifically for accounting software resellers. This unique publication is the only one of which we are aware that is written specifically for resellers.

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Accounting Software Library Subscription Renewal

  • If you are a current subscriber to The Accounting Library and wish to continue receiving updates for the next 12 months, please select this option.

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Product Comparison Reports

If you are interested in a straight side-by-side comparison of two or more of the 100+ products in our database, you have two options.

  • 1-2 Product Comparison Report Only $50 - Buy Now!
  • 3-5 Product Comparison Report Only $90 - Buy Now!
  • 6-10 Product Comparison Report Only $120 - Buy Now!

Standard Terms, Conditions and Other Information

  • Every subscriber will receive a 30 day no questions asked guarantee.
  • Every subscriber will receive six months of free updates.
  • We update our database three times each year and you will receive these updates automatically.
  • If you want to update your database past the first six months, you will pay only $150 per year.
  • If you want to upgrade from one version to another, all you have to do is pay the difference between the two (plus shipping of course).
  • Every subscriber will receive free technical and consulting support for as long as required.
  • We encourage all of our subscribers to suggest additional products and questions we should add to the database and therefore make it that much better.


Full Product & Manuals Only Purchases Shipment

  • USA Second Day Air - $35
  • USA Next Day Air - $50
  • Canada Second Day Air - $55
  • USA Next Day Air - $75

CD Only Shipment

  • USA Second Day Air - $20
  • USA Next Day Air - $35
  • Canada Second Day Air - $30
  • Canada Next Day Air - $45

Applicable only for shipments within the U.S. and Canada. Please contact us for a quote on all other destinations.

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