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Company:Express Information Systems
Express Information Systems Delivers Quantifiable Value

What we at Express Information Systems do best is refine complexity, provide deep views into relevant data, and energize procedures and processes that need either a complete rewrite or modification to reduce friction in the day to day lives of your customers and employees.

If employees can perform their work in a more fluid manner, their mistakes either lessen or are eliminated and data becomes reliable.

The biggest side benefit is increased customer satisfaction on (among the client’s customers) as well as employees. It also gives the client the ability to leverage the system to handle more than they presently could without the burden of additional headcount.

Everyone wants to do more with less. We help them attain that goal by delivering quantifiable value.
Firm Description:
Express Information Systems has assisted over 500 Texas organizations evaluate and use the right business software and processes to increase their profitability and reach their strategic goals.
Industry Specific Expertise:
Financial & Accounting Management

Numbers tell the story of your business and if they are inaccurate, then you are in for a long and painful detour. Our superior solutions provide accurate financial forecasting and reporting, always keeping you on track.
Dashboards & Portal Data Analysis

Much like the speedometer in your car, dashboards and portals give you access to critical information at any given time so you can respond to issues or opportunities quickly.

Human Resources (HR) & Payroll

In order for your business to run at an optimal level, you need to effectively take care of your people. Our HR and Payroll solutions manage this engine and ensure your employees have the most streamlined processes.

Customer Relationship Management

Customers are the key to your business and are the component that you cannot be successful without. With our customer relationship management (CRM) and salesforce solutions, you can automate essential functions to maximize your staff's time, increase customer satisfaction, and turn your field service operations into a profit center.

Project Management

Projects require a well-defined map in order to be successful. With our business solutions, you can make projects more profitable with integrated applications that assist you in forecasting costs and financial budgeting with increased accuracy.


There are many pieces to your manufacturing engine. Manage resource planning, production, and every aspect of your manufacturing process better to help ensure smooth production cycles and respond quickly to changing customer needs.

Distribution & Inventory Management

Manage every aspect of your business, from order entry and procurement to sophisticated inventory tracking and shipment management.
Consulting Services:
We "See Around Corners" For You

Our customers rave about how savvy our staff is. Our customers consistently tell us that our executive staff, our professional services team and our sales team are able to “look around corners” to see potential opportunity and adversity that our customers had not thought of and our team is able to articulate innovative approaches to addressing what’s “around the corner”.
Technical Services:
With over 20 years of experience working together, we have acquired the right team dynnamic to get you the answers you are looking for.

Our team at Express Information Systems gets to the core of your business needs before moving forward with a new mission-critical project, such as implementing an information management solution. We make a point to ask “WHY do you want to accomplish this?” and “What VALUE do you want to achieve from it?” We pride ourselves in being honest, realistic and persistent. You can trust us to give it to you straight so that you are always guided down the right path with a solution that works for you.
One Step At A Time

Software implementations can sometimes be too much at once, making it easy to become overwhelmed. But by teaming up with Express Information Systems, we help you take one step at a time.

Our six step implementation process gets you to where you need to be without all the common detours that companies experience:

Step 1: Develop project scope and plan, defining goals and milestones.

Step 2: Create a detailed mapping and analysis of the business processes.

Step 3: Develop the application following predefined parameters.

Step 4: Test performance through a pilot run.

Step 5: Rollout full production of software and manage user training.

Step 6: Support post implementation services.
“Mind the Gap” with Expert Training from Express Information Systems.

We understand there are a number of gaps within an organization in regards to improper training:

  • Performance Gap- Requires more training to meet performance standards for a current task or job.
  • Growth Gap- Requires more training to achieve career goals.
  • Opportunity Gap- Requires more training to qualify for an identified new job or role.
Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) and Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software training increase the user adoption rate at your organization so that the investment you made will be worthwhile. Make sure to fill those gaps with proper training before they get too big to fix. Whatever gap you are experiencing at your company, we have you covered.

Express Information Systems Solutions offers a variety of different options for training:

  • Classroom: Express Information Systems holds various trainings throughout the year at the Express Offices in San Antonio and Austin, where training classes are set up to help our customers.
  • One on One: Express Information Systems will also set up on-site and personal training at individual client sites upon request.
Guiding the Way with ‘Top-of-the-Line’ Software Services and Support

The team at Express Information Systems knows there is more to technology than technology. Making technology work for you includes having access to an advanced set of services and support to help guide the way.

Identify Your Blind Spots with Experienced Points of View

Objects in our rearview mirror are always closer than they appear. We leverage our business experience to create proven software best practices that help you succeed. Not only are we focused on how the technology works, but we also look at it from a business point of view. You’ll see into all your blind spots with our proven methodology.

Our Software Services & Support Cover the Ground of Technology Design & Maintenance

  • Thorough Business Process Review
  • Advanced Technical Readiness Assessment and Proof of Concept
  • Software Implementation, Data Migration, Integration
  • Software Training and Support
  • Software Upgrade Training and Assistance

Dependable Support That Won't Leave You Stranded

Express Information Systems (EIS) provides different levels and means of support. Whether we are onsite, assist remotely, by phone, by email, or through our website, we won’t leave you stranded.
Application Development:
Personalized Solutions Are Our Specialty

When "out-of-the-box" is not good enough, we deliver solutions that fit like a glove. We always seek new and better ways to map the right directions, so you do not have to. Personalized solutions by Express Information Systems ensure that you can focus on achieving your organization's goals and strategic objectives.
Additional Services:
You wouldn’t buy a car without checking under the hood, so why would you purchase software without checking it out first?
Our Technical Readiness Assessment (TRA) is a review of the technology itself. The resulting analysis defines how the software affects different areas of your business as well as identifies areas of improvement. The assessment is an important stepping stone in achieving a successful implementation. Technical Readiness Assessments show insight to…

  • Current inventory on all hardware/software pertaining to your financial systems
  • Recommendations and necessary upgrades to maximize performance of your financial systems
  • Specific knowledge of all system requirements related to your own environment

You also wouldn’t buy a car without taking a test drive, so why would you purchase software without trying it out first? Our proof of concept (PoC) offering allows you to see if the solution will work for you before you make the investment. New software can be a major shift in business processes and you should be sure before you buy.

By engaging Express Information Systems for a PoC application design and build out, you gain a complete understanding of how the proposed solution will integrate within your existing infrastructure and how your business will benefit.

Take a test drive today by contacting us for more information.
Special Certifications and Credentials:
  • Microsoft Gold Certified Dynamics partner

Industry Expertise

Supported Industries:Aerospace and Aviation, Architecture and Engineering, Banking and Finance, Biotechnology, Building Materials, Commercial Services, Contractors: Electrical / HVAC / Plumbing, Contractors: Government Projects, Construction, Distribution & Warehousing, Electrical / Electronics, Energy, Foodservice, Furniture, Grocery & Foods, Healthcare, Hospitality and Lodging, Insurance, Legal, Manufacturing: Discrete, Manufacturing: Engineer-to-Order, Manufacturing: FDA Controlled (Foods), Manufacturing: Make-to-Order (Job Shop), Manufacturing: Make-to-Stock, Manufacturing: Process, Medical Industry, Not-for-Profit, Office Equipment, Oil and Gas (Exploration and Distribution), Petrochemical, Professional Services, Project Management, Property Management, Recreation, Rental/Lease, Research and Development, Restaurants, Retail, Shipping, Software Development, Sports, Technology, Time and Billing, Transportation, Utilities, Wineries (Production and Distribution)

Products we sell

Acumatica Cloud ERP


Epicor Manufacturing Express Edition

Microsoft Dynamics GP

Microsoft Dynamics SL

Results CRM

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