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Vendor:BASIS International Ltd.
Product Name:AddonSoftware
Current Version Number:14.11
Date Product First Released:1985
PDF file AddonSoftware Corporate Brochure
Short Product Description:
This is text that has been created for products that are currently disabled. When and if these products are enabled, this text will be replaced by text that is specific to the product. In the meantime this text is being used to fill the text file for the product for testing purposes.
Operating Systems:
AddonSoftware is available for the Linux, UNIX and Windows operating systems and may be run using PRO/5, Visual PRO/5, and BBj by BASIS International Ltd.
Software Only Price Range:$10,000
Software Pricing: Important Considerations.
Geographic Availability:United States, Canada, Mexico, Caribbean, Central/South America, Europe
Target Number of Employees:
AddonSoftware successfully fits a small one-location company and grows with that company through multiple locations, multiple companies, multiple product lines, with revenues generated over the internet, through distributors, and through many, many other changes a company might experience as it grows. Typical installations range from 5 to 100 users.
Product Introduction:
AddonSoftware is an affordable, full-featured, and fully integrated business management solution. We offer scalable deployment options to fit your needs and budget while providing the core enterprise resource planning features that currently support many businesses like yours. Full integration eliminates the cost of multiple stand-alone applications. With AddonSoftware, you select the licensing, define the number of users, and choose the functionality you need. AddonSoftware is a cost-effective, modular, full-featured and fully integrated enterprise resource planning solution for mid-market industries. It is sold in three bundles: Accounting Distribution Manufacturing Revitalized and completely renovated AddonSoftware demonstrates the synergistic power of BBj and Barista in providing vertical market application developers with building blocks for their own Barista applications!
Product Strengths:
AddonSoftware provides developers and businesses with choices and flexibility in deployment and development/customization. We offer three bundles of modules: Accounting, Distribution (includes Accounting), and Manufacturing (includes Accounting and Distribution). Deployment Choices Platform independence means that choosing AddonSoftware does not dictate your operating system, nor does it prevent you from changing your system at a later date. You can mix and match client and server operating systems. Development Choices Includes the powerful and efficient data dictionary-driven customization tool, Barista, at no additional cost. As your business grows and your requirements change, you can upgrade, adapt, and efficiently add further customizations.
AddonSoftware is distributed in three integrated bundles.Accounting: includes AP, AR, GL Distribution: includes the Accounting bundle, Inventory Control, Sales Order/Invoice Processing, Purchase Order Processing, and Sales Analysis Manufacturing: includes Accounting and Distribution bundles, Bill of Materials, and Shop Floor Control
Company Mission Statement:
BASIS International Ltd. -
We are a global software company...big and stable enough to be a reliable partner with thousands of companies all over the world, yet small and flexible enough to deliver customized solutions to meet today's business challenges.
A national network of software partners delivers AddonSoftware with personal service, local support, and acquisition options to meet your business requirements.
Application Development:
Tailoring your business software solution to match your work flow and industry practice is a critical element to a successful implementation. AddonSoftware includes the powerful and efficient data dictionary-driven customization tool, Barista, at no additional cost.
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