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MISys Manufacturing

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MISys Manufacturing
Vendor:Manufacturing Information Systems (MISys)
Product Name:MISys Manufacturing
Current Version Number:MISys SAE 5.5, MISys SBM 4.0
Date Product First Released:1977
Short Product Description:
Like other software developed by Manufacturing Information Systems, MISys Manufacturing software offers all the functionality a small to medium-sized manufacturing firm needs today. Get started with Basic Manufacturing and experience how MISys Manufacturing software delivers on its promise to turn your accounting software into an Industrial-Strength Manufacturing System.
Desktop Environments:
  • Windows 2000
  • Windows XP
  • Windows Vista
  • Windows 7
Operating Systems:
  • Windows 2000
  • Windows XP
  • Windows Vista
Databases Supported:
MS SQL Server
Software Only Price Range:$25,000
Software Pricing: Important Considerations.
Geographic Availability:United States, Canada, Mexico, Caribbean, Central/South America, Africa, Far East, Australia
Target Business Revenue:
$1MM - $250MM
Target Number of Employees:
20 - 500 employees
Product Introduction:
With more than 7,000 systems sold in over 40 countries, The MISys Manufacturing system (MISys) is possibly the world's most widely used, time-tested and proven MRP system. MISys SAE is developed specifically for Sage Accpac ERP using the Accpac SDK and Tools. MISys is available in English, Simplified and Traditional Chinese, Korean and Spanish and is seamlessly integrated with the Sage Accpac ERP Accounting Suite including GL, IC, OE, AP, and Serialized Inventory.

Its scalable approach to functionality allows small- to mid-sized manufacturing companies to use just the features they need. MISys handles the needs of Make to Order, Make to Stock, Repetitive, Mixed-Mode, Discrete and Job Shop manufacturing environments.

Functionality includes

  • Inventory Management
  • BOM Revision Control
  • Integrated Purchasing
  • WIP Tracking
  • MRP
  • MPS
  • Cost Roll-up
  • Bar-Coding
  • Serial/Lot Tracking
  • Shop Floor Control
  • Rules-Based Custom Product Configurator
  • Job Management, and more.

MISys can be run locally, via the Internet or hosted on Accpac's online ASP and has costing choices of LIFO/FIFO, Standard, and Actual/Average. The MISys Manufacturing system has received the Sage Accpac Development Product of the Year 6 times and has been the Sage Accpac Manufacturing System of choice for well over 20 years.
Product Strengths:
  • Enhanced Inventory Control
  • Multi-level BOMs
  • Multiple Locations Purchasing
  • Work-in-Process
  • Work Orders
  • Material Requirements Planning (MRP)
  • Master Production Scheduling
  • Manufacturing Orders
  • Shop Floor Control
MISys handles the needs of Make to Order, Make to Stock, Repetitive, Mixed-Mode, Discrete and Job Shop manufacturing environments.


Looking for manufacturing software that is simple to install, quick to implement, and easy to use? Software that integrates seamlessly with your Accpac accounting system? You've found MISys Manufacturing for Sage Accpac ERP, a manufacturing system designed to fit the needs and budget of a manufacturing firm like yours. MISys is modular, so you purchase just the functionality you need.

Start with the core module, MISys Level 1. When your company grows and needs more functionality, additional MISys modules add serial/lot tracking, bin tracking, manufacturing orders, master production scheduling (MPS), material requirements planning (MRP), shop floor control, and much more.

Level 1

Level 1 provides the basic functionality all manufacturing firms need: inventory control, multi-level bills of material, revision control, and integrated purchasing. It's the perfect place to start to get your production operations under control.

Level 2

For those who need to take manufacturing management to the next level, beyond basic inventory control and purchasing, Level 2 introduces Master Production Scheduling and Material Requirements Planning. While MISys SAE Level 1 helps you maintain an inventory, MISys SAE Level 2 helps you maintain no inventory.

Although reducing the manufacturing inventory to zero is not practicable, the MRP functions in Level 2 can help you reduce inventory holding costs by 30% or more. With this kind of savings, the software can pay for itself in a matter on months. Also included in MISys SAE Level 2 are customizable Manufacturing Orders, perfect for make-to-order manufacturers and custom job shops alike. These orders are the key to tracking actual production costs and driving accurate COGS into the integrated accounting system.

Level 3

For most manufacturing companies, labor is the most significant component of production costs. Accurately collecting and analyzing production labor costs has, until now, been out of reach for most manufacturers. MISys SAE Level 3 changes all that by implementing production work centers: areas of the plant where some specific activity takes place. By merging work centers with bills of material from MISys SAE Level 1, Level 3 creates bills of manufacturing; high-powered bills of material that document not only the materials needed to complete an assembly, but the step-by-step operations that must be performed.

When production starts and continues from step to step, MISys SAE records the actual labor expended for each operation, together with any extra material consumed or overhead incurred. On completion the actual production cost (material, labor, and overhead) is passed to the accounting system.

Serial/Lot Tracking

No one likes to track serial numbers or lot numbers for the finished goods they produce and raw materials they consume, but when a regulatory agency such as the FAA or FDA requires comprehensive serial/lot tracking, the optional MISys SLT module is up to the task. MISys SLT answers two critical questions: 1) "Where were these tracked components used?" and 2) "What tracked components were used in this assembly?"

Bin Tracking

For companies that store raw materials or finished goods in mutliple containers (such as bins, bolts, rolls, or rail cars) an extra level of inventory control is required. The MISys Bin Tracking module effectively creates an unlimited number of sub-locations in which inventory is maintained.

MISys Configurator

Manufacturing companies that perform significant make-to-order work will find the MISys Custom Configurator an invaluable addition to the MISys Manufacturing System. The Custom Configurator is rules-based so that only pre-defined configurations can be built. The program guides you through selecting the appropriate options and automatically populates a corresponding manufacturing order. The MISys Custom Configurator was designed to meet the needs of manufacturers who build specific variations of a product based on a pre-defined set of configuration options.

MISys SBM (Small Business Manufacturing)

MISys SBM: manufacturing software that is more powerful, yet simpler to use; with more deployment options, and with flexibility to insure a lasting fit in a growing company. And all this at a price you can afford today. Manufacturing Information Systems, Inc., makers of the award-winning MISys SAE Manufacturing System, introduces MISys Small Business Manufacturing; software designed specifically for smaller-sized manufacturing firms.

MISys Small Business Manufacturing (MISys SBM) is based on the proven functionality of the MISys SAE system, originally released in 1982 and used by over 7,000 manufacturing firms in 48 countries around the world. Like other software developed by Manufacturing Information Systems, MISys SBM offers all the functionality a small manufacturing firm needs today, with plenty of room to grow in the future.

Start with the basic inventory control module, with multi-level bills of material and revision control. Whenever you're ready, add advanced purchasing, bin tracking, production control, master production scheduling, shop floor control, serial/lot tracking, labor tracking, or bar-coding. While the functionality of MISys SBM may be familiar to some, its underlying technology is brand new.

MISys SBM uses leading-edge technology to insure that users have quick access to the information they need, when they need it, wherever they are. Its familiar Microsoft Office look and feel means your staff won't have to develop a whole new set of navigation skills. Anyone who knows their way around the most popular email or word-processing programs will quickly feel at home with MISys Small Business Manufacturing.
Company Mission Statement:
MISys provides world class manufacturing software that enhances accounting systems by providing industrial strength manufacturing functionality for an international community of manufacturers.
Firm Description:
MISys, Inc. has been in business for over 25 years providing manufacturing software to manufacturers worldwide. MISys has sold over 7,000 of its products in 40 countries.
Industry Strengths:
ASP Support:
MISys provides ASP (SaaS) services and support for both the MISys SAE and SBM products.
Consulting Services:
MISys provides Professional Services and Consulting through it's network of Business Partners worldwide
Technical Services:
Technical support and Customer support provided by the MISys network of Business Partners and internally at MISys, Inc. offices.
Implementation of MISys is provided by MISys Business Partners and MISys Professional Services Group.
Training is provided by MISys Business Partners and MISys directly. Live, online Training Workshop also available.
Technical support and Customer support provided by the MISys network of Business Partners and internally at MISys offices.
Application Development:
MISys, Inc. does all of its development internally.
Product Awards and Citations:
  • 1996, 1999, 2000 and 2004 developer of the Year
  • Sage/Accpac 2007 Awesome Add-on award
  • Sleeter Group Sage/Accpac Endorsed Partner
  • Intuit Gold Development Partner
  • Microsoft Certified Developer
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