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Barista Application Framework

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Barista Application Framework
Vendor:BASIS International Ltd.
Product Name:Barista Application Framework
Current Version Number:14.11
Date Product First Released:2007
Short Product Description:
Barista is the ultimate RAD application generator for database-driven software projects using BBj, the dynamic object-oriented programming language for Java.
Operating Systems:
As with all  BASIS tools, with Barista you are free to deploy on the operating system of your choice - Windows, Linux, SCO Unix, HP/UX, Solaris, IBM AIX, Mac OS X.
Databases Supported:
You are never locked into any database when you choose BASIS as your development platform. Barista can work with virtually any SQL database using JDBC. You have the flexibility to follow your customer's database preferences or even use more than one database simultaneously.
Software Only Price Range:$1,000
Software Pricing: Important Considerations.
Geographic Availability:United States, Canada, Mexico, Caribbean, Central/South America, Europe
Product Introduction:
BASIS takes a new productivity leap forward in GUI development with the Barista� Application Workbench. Barista is BASIS' GUI-only data dictionary-driven development framework and runtime engine. Barista facilitates:
  • New GUI application development
  • Conversion of CUI applications to GUI
  • Modernization of existing GUI applications
  • Product Strengths:
    Deliver cross-platform solutions - Barista is the tool that lets you write code once and run it across all platforms and browsers, including mobile browsers.Building block strategy - Barista is a part of the BASIS technology stack that begins with a Java integrated language and expends to the AddonSoftware ERP solution built with the Barista RAD tool.
    Database choices - Barista can run on top of relational databases such as Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server, and mySQL.
    Built-in utilities - Barista includes a long list of building block utilities; role-based security, document output and archiving, data export to Excel, GoogleDocs, PDF, email, and fax formats.
    Maintain granular control - Like any RAD tool, Barista takes care of 90-99% of your programming needs. For those other times, fall back to a powerful programming language, BBj and/or Java.
    Company Mission Statement:
    BASIS International Ltd. - The big little software company.
    We are a global software company...big and stable enough to be a reliable partner with thousands of companies all over the world, yet small and flexible enough to deliver customized solutions to meet today's business challenges.
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