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Sage 50 for Nonprofit Organizations

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Sage 50 for Nonprofit Organizations
Product Name:Sage 50 for Nonprofit Organizations
Current Version Number:2012
Date Product First Released:1977
Short Product Description:
Sage 50 Nonprofit Organizations makes it easy for nonprofits to track where dollars go, so you can advance your mission. Available with all the features of Sage 50 Premium Accounting, it provides built-in tools you need to fulfill nonprofit reporting, security and operational requirements.
Desktop Environments:
    1 GHz Processor
    512 MB RAM

    Operating Systems:
    • Windows XP SP2
    • Windows Vista SP1
    • Windows 7
    • Windows Server 2003
    • Windows Server 2008
    Databases Supported:
    Software Only Price Range:$1,000
    Software Pricing: Important Considerations.
    Geographic Availability:United States
    Target Business Revenue:
    Small to Mid-sized non-profits and associations.
    Target Number of Employees:
    Up to 50 employees
    Product Introduction:
    Donors, grantors, boards of directors, and regulators all expect a full accounting of how your organization uses money. That's why Sage 50 solutions for nonprofits help you better record donations, manage restricted and unrestricted income, administer expenses and provide
    solid reporting.

    Sage 50 solutions for nonprofits facilitate:

    • Non-profit specific chart of accounts, including a United Way chart of accounts
    • Customized account segments to represent departments or individual funds
    • Ability to designate encumbrances and restrictions
    • Generate and email reports and financial statements including Statement of Financial Position and Donor-Grantor Summary List
    • Customizable reporting
    Product Strengths:
    • Statement of financial position
    • Report of revenue and expenditures by program or fund
    • Define customer access levels
    • Customizable chart of accounts
    • Donor/grantor management
    • Budgeting
    • Nonprofit-specific operational reports
    • Multi-user option
    • General Ledger
    • Accounts Payable
    • Accounts Receivable
    • Budgeting
    • Payroll
    • Document Management
    Company Mission Statement:
    At Sage, we live and breathe business every day. We are passionate about helping our customers achieve their ambitions. Our range of business software and services is continually evolving as we innovate to answer our customers' needs.
    Firm Description:
    Sage North America began not as one company, but as the efforts of many entrepreneurs who built their successful products and businesses with a sincere focus on their customers. Today, our company represents the culmination of that combined entrepreneurial spirit, drive, and vision.

    For more than 30 years, companies that have joined the Sage family have assisted small and midsized businesses with a wide range of business management applications and services. With roots reaching back to the 1970s, our company has grown and developed to meet the evolving needs of our customers through a combination of internal product development and acquisition.

    Currently we support more than 2.7 million customers in the U.S. and Canada. Our sole focus is to provide business management software and services to small and midsized businesses (SMBs). Our applications cover a full range of business requirements including accounting, customer relationship management, contact management, human resources, warehouse management, specialized industry needs, among many others.

    Our parent company, The Sage Group, plc, is a world-leading supplier of accounting and business management software to small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs). Our purpose is to help our customers run their businesses more effectively, helping them to gain greater insight into their business activities and providing them with lasting benefits by automating their business processes.
    Industry Strengths:
    Consulting Services:
    Over 150 independent, authorized Certified Consultants worldwide offer a wide variety of services. This exclusive group of trained professionals can provide guidance on everything from your initial setup through monthly and year-end processing. In addition, you have access to CPAs, Bookkeepers and Accountants who are active Premier Advisors associated with the Sage Accountants Network.
    All first time Sage 50 customers will receive 30 days free support upon registration. Upgrading customers will receive one free support call within 30 days of registration. As a Sage 50 customer, you'll also get access to the Support & Training Center, which puts answers at your fingertips. You can search our extensive knowledgebase for commonly asked questions, or ask a question specific to your support needs, allowing you to get accurate online answers quickly.
    Sage 50 offers a range of self-guided and instructor-led training opportunities including, study guides, and local training through a certified consultant. Visit our web site to see all the available options.
    Whether you're trying to run a report to get vital business information, wrestling with a posting error that won't let you close the quarter, or just looking for an easier way to manage your accounts, Sage 50 Customer Support is ready to help you!

    Choose from a variety of exceptional Sage Business Care plans, designed to help you get the most out of your Sage 50 accounting software, or choose our basic monthly support plan.

    Sage Business Care

    There's no better way to protect and extend your software investment than through a Sage Business Care Plan. This worry-free auto-renewing service helps you reduce the time, resources, effort, and cost of operating your Sage 50 solution. You can improve business efficiency and profitability with product upgrades, customer support, how-to advice, and training that keeps you competitive.

    We take the time to get to know your business needs and we never stop looking for ways our software and services can help you meet your goals. After all, we built your solution. We support it – and your business – like no one else.

    Month-to-Month Support

    Support can be purchased with a month-to-month plan. All support plans provide access to Customer Support Analysts to answer questions, explain features, and resolve issues.
    Application Development:
    Development partners' third-party solutions are the most important resources for extending the functionality of Sage products. Development partners have access to a variety of tools and resources needed to develop, test, and market their applications. The Sage 50 Software Development Kit can be downloaded for free from our website.
    Additional Services:
    Sage 50 customers can get even more out of their investment with connected services and integrated add-ons.

    • Process all major credit cards with Sage 50 Payment Solutions
    • Deposit checks straight from your desktop at your convenience with Sage Deposit Boss
    • Present a professional business image with Sage 50 Checks and Forms
    • Accurately process payroll in house, print paychecks, e-File taxes and get tax updates with Sage 50 Payroll Solutions
    • Protect your data with Sage 50 Online Backup powered by Iron Mountain
    • Save time, money and trees by paying your bills electronically with Sage 50 Online Bill Pay
    • Increase productivity, reduce travel time, and get anywhere, anytime access with Sage 50 Remote Solutions
    • Make fast, confident decisions with customizable Microsoft Excel-based business reports using Sage 50 Business Intelligence
    • Solve unique business issues and optimize Sage 50 performance with third-party add-ons.
    Product Awards and Citations:
    Please visit the newsroom on our web site for a comprehensive listing of the awards and citations earned by Sage 50.
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