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ISV Products that integrate with ProcessPro Premier.

BI-Metrix BI-Analyzer
BI-Analyzer is an integrated business intelligence tool that delivers powerful reporting, analysis, dashboarding and planning capabilities directly in Excel.
BI-Metrix Planning
Small and medium sized organizations face a common struggle: the unwieldy task of ensuring that day-to-day operations remain aligned with business strategy. Without a single platform to link operational activities to strategic pursuits, organizations will be unable to remedy the gaps that develop between what they want to achieve versus what their numerous departments and individuals are actually accomplishing on a daily basis.

BI-Metrix Planning integrates planning, modeling and analysis and reporting capabilities in a single application that is easy to use and manage, enabling users to plan the way they think at a level that is appropriate to the way they run their businesses while ensuring that CFOs can align business operations with business strategy.
Blank Checks and Pressure Seal Forms for Adagio
Blank Checks and Pressure Seal Forms save you money by eliminating the need for pre-printed forms.
Get the information you need exactly how you want it with ClickBase. Integrate data from multiple sources and in multiple formats, blending information from across the organization. Manage with the easy-to-use interface that takes only hours, not
weeks to master. Analyze with ‘slice and dice’ capabilities that allow you to view data and reports that matter to your business.

Formulator Lab-Book
Laboratory Electronic Notebook for the Formulating Chemist and Food Technologist
Formulator Nutritional Version
Formulator Nutritional Version is an upgrade to Formulator Lab-book for Food & Beverages and Nutrient Supplements adding Nutrient calculations and Labels.
Formulator Regulator
Formulator Regulator MSDS development and creation.
GMS Revolving Loan Servicing System
GMS Revolving Loan Servicing software is the complete, reliable and affordable way to organize loan portfolios. GMS-RLSS maintains loan profile data, records loan transactions, and meets the reporting requirements of state and federal programs. GMS-RLSS is specifically designed for organizations who must keep track of information for different funding sources — even for multiple funded loans.
RenovoFYI is a 100% web solution offering comprehensive financial reporting and analysis that streamlines the design, integration and distribution of financial information. Managers and decision makers will spend less time preparing and verifying financial figures, and more time analyzing and making sound business decisions with them. That's financial intelligence.

We have made it easy for remote locations to easily access their financial statements and only see their information!
We have also designed a tool that can be used during implementation to easily and quickly convert your FRx Reports!
RenovoFYIConnect is a tool that is used to map your general ledger financial data into the Renovo Data Mart. RenovoFYI uses this information to produce your financial statements. If your general ledger is on SQL Server or can be accessed through an ODBC driver - we should have no problems!
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