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Product / Service Name:TaskCentre
Company:Fisher Technology (Click to Learn More)
Brief Description:
TaskCentre is a widely used add-on solution for Accounting, ERP, CRM and industry specific applications. More specifically TaskCentre is a Business Process Management Suite that enables any organization to automate the costly, repetitive administrative activities carried out by its employees.
Full Product Description:
TaskCentre enables organizations to automate costly business processes by significantly extending the capabilities of an organization's existing business application(s)by adding the following functionality:

- Workflow
- Data Services & Integration
- Document Automation
- Web Content Publishing
- Subscriptions and Requests
- Advanced Business Alerts

The 4000 strong existing customer base cite many different business benefits that can be gained from using TaskCentre but common examples include:

- The removal of costly administration from employee workloads

- A significant reduction in operational costs

- An increase in employee productivity

- Avoidance of costly bespoke development of existing business applications

- Real-time visibility of buisiness information as events occur or are about to occur. 
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