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Manufacturing Management Solutions (MMS)

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Product / Service Name:Manufacturing Management Solutions (MMS)
Company:BTM Solutions (Click to Learn More)
Brief Description:
MMS is an end-to-end manufacturing system which when integrated with business management software, allows you to not only plan for the manufacturing process but guarantees that everything is correctly accounted for when the finished good is delivered to your customer.
Full Product Description:
Manufacturing Management Solutions is an end-to-end manufacturing system which when integrated with business management software, allows you to not only plan for the manufacturing process but guarantees that everything is correctly accounted for when the finished good is delivered to your customer.

This complete solution includes:

  • Materials Requirement Planning: proven to help companies meet delivery schedules 95% of the time or better
  • Bill of Materials: simplifies even the most complicated materials flow
  • Production Scheduling: provides a Master Production Schedule which simplifies scheduling and maximizes productivity.
  • Routing: provides the tools to measure performance and compare costs.
  • Work Order Status: tracks work in progress and automatically updates inventory levels

With the MMS Solution you will know what you need and when you need it, get control of your materials, simplify your schedules and maximize your productivity, and get the complete picture of labor and how each process is accomplished. Knowledge is not only power; in your manufacturing facility it is PROFIT!


With Materials Requirements Planning you can:

  • Know future requirements allowing for best negotiations with vendors
  • Reduce the stress of expediting orders
  • Closed-loop manufacturing
  • Factor in lead time for each product
  • Maintain safety stock for certain products
  • Cut inventory levels
  • See future factory loads
  • Improve on time deliveries
  • Minimize inventory investment
  • Seamless integration
  • Plan for abnormal usages
  • Recalculate requirements in a timely manner

By identifying time requirements for material and suggesting a plan for replenishing, the MRP System helps assure an uninterrupted manufacturing process and consequently, on-time delivery of finished goods. Studies have shown that a smooth functioning MRP system helps companies meet delivery schedules 95% of the time or better.


With Bill of Materials you can:

  • Track changes to the bills as they occur
  • Make global changes to replace components, change quantities, and update other information in one or all BOM structures
  • Make changes become effective on selected dates
  • Pre-plan BOM changes
  • Access to timely costing information with the Cost Roll Up feature
  • Maintain structures on line
  • Easily build new structures from similar existing structures
  • Analyze and adjust your finished goods makeup
  • Take advantage of pre-kitting to determine any shortages "on the fly."

The Bill of Materials system simplifies even the most complicated materials flow. Our system provides the ability to merge bills. It also aids in inventory control and provides valuable pricing information. If a manufacturer's Bill of Materials is not correct, valuable resources such as production time can be wasted and even lost. Equally important, the costing can lag behind production without proper materials planning. The MMS Bill of Materials solution takes the guess work out of planning saving you precious time and money.


With MMS Production Scheduling you can:

  • Generate a Master Production Schedule
  • Support discrete time intervals
  • Keep the schedule updated on a regular basis
  • Allows for simple new part entry
  • Improves production plan control
  • Schedule multiple plants
  • Schedule by order number, stock number, work order or MRP
  • Update the work order system
  • Obtain current production requirements for select items

Without a comprehensive working Master Production Schedule, a company cannot effectively forecast availability of materials and capacity. It cannot determine backlog, set realistic goals, or establish management policy. In effect, the company will drift aimlessly. The Production Scheduling System gives you the information you need based on the orders in the system to properly plan your plant's operation.

With the scheduling system you will be able to see the orders that need to be produced and when they are due. From this information you will be able to assign schedule dates, lines on which the production needs to run, and other pertinent information about your production runs. When you get your schedule set, you will be able to automatically update the work order status system to actually implement your plan into the plant.

The Master Production Schedule gives a company needed direction. It is an expression of a company's overall production plan that states what the company expects to manufacture. MPS simplifies scheduling by providing the anticipated build schedule for the master scheduler. At the same time, it establishes a framework to maximize the company's productivity. Improved productivity equals time saved and money in the bank.


With MMS Routing you can:

  • Quickly prepare for labor rate changes
  • Update costs quickly and efficiently
  • Maintain detailed production instructions
  • Establish burden for products
  • Update the cost of your products with accurate labor dollars
  • Report on specific routers for review
  • Reduce data entry time
  • Track labor grades
  • Track and improve queue and setup times
  • Track outside processes
  • Improve production flow
  • Compare actual vs. planned labor costs

The MMS Routing system was designed to provide management with tools to measure performance and compare costs. It defines the steps to be taken in building an assembly or end item. It defines the amount of time the job will sit in the queue waiting to be worked on the labor grades of the operators at each station, the amount of time per assembly operation, and the amount of time allocated for setup. With the tools to measure labor and production costs accurately, you can be certain that your profit margins are maintained. The result - increased bottom line.


With MMS Work Order Status you can:

  • Improve inventory levels and control
  • Reduce raw goods inventory
  • Track work in progress
  • Update finished goods as required
  • Receive up-to-date information on the progress of orders going through your plant
  • Access information to better plan for increases in work loads
  • Obtain product shortage information

The Work Order Status system prevents problems that can arise with unexpected shortages in inventory. Not only does WOS streamline work order related procedures, it also improves inventory control and generates timely information. This is a key component that facilitates a highly interactive closed-loop manufacturing system.
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