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Product / Service Name:Forecasting/MRP
Company:3rd Dimension Systems, Inc. (Click to Learn More)
Brief Description:
Dynamically generate requirements, by date range, for shop floor delivery of materials and assemblies based upon automatic information from sales, purchasing and shop floor departments. Based upon inventory availability, purchase timing and shop floor requirements, purchase or manufacturing orders can be automatically generated to Purchase Order or Work Order Processing
Full Product Description:
Create "what if" forecasts or dynamically generate actual requirements for assemblies and materials from forecast and/or live information contained in sales orders, purchase orders and work/job orders. User can select up to 52 time slices, with daily, weekly, monthly, annual or user defined periods as options. Selection criteria are inventory items, locations and four additional user defined criteria for generating useful requirements for the shop floor and purchasing. Once the requirements have been found, work/job orders and purchase orders (requires OSAS Purchase Order product) can be automatically generated.

Forecasting allows "what if" scenarios, by assembly, sub assembly or material. Forecast can be sales or purchase and can stand alone to reflect projected needs for a given product roll out or integrated with live data for a blended actual/projected usage. If building from a forecast master schedule, work/job orders and purchase orders can be generated from requirements generated by the forecast.
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