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EDI Integration and Compliance Management

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Product / Service Name:EDI Integration and Compliance Management
Company:eBridge Software (Click to Learn More)
Brief Description:
eBridge EDI for vendor (sales order) and customer (purchase order) processing is an integrated EDI solution for Sage accounting packages.

The eBridge Solution enables businesses to automate entry of EDI documents such as sales orders, purchase orders, invoices, warehouse documents and a host of others.  The eBridge Solution applies the same business rules and processes followed in your accounting packages to ensure that your data remains valid and compliant. 

The eBridge Advanced Ship Notice Module (ASN) integrates directly into your Sage accounting package.  By pulling the order information straight from your accounting package, you thereby eliminate the chances of charge backs from your trading partner.
Full Product Description:
The eBridge Solution is a complete end to end EDI solution solely developed, maintained and supported by one company – eBridge Software.  We eliminate the need for customers to maintain and support third party products i.e: translator and mapping tools or third party communication such as a value added network (VAN) or AS2 software.

Whether the trading partner requests an 850 Purchase Order and 810 Invoice or they require a more complex list of documents eBridge has over 15 years experience to efficiently implement the solution.

The flexibility of the eBridge Solution allows businesses to grow and migrate easily to another ERP Solution including Sage MAS 90/200/500, Sage PFW, Sage Business Vision, Business Works, and Sage Pro accounting packages.

eBridge Solution’s unattended process allows you to automatically import and export EDI documents on a schedule that fits your companies requirements.

The eBridge ePortal allows for quick deployment of additional trading partners and eliminates the per document or kilo-character charges found in other solutions. 

Our eBridge Solution resides outside of the accounting package, allowing users to continue to send and receive EDI documents in the event that their accounting package is down for maintenance or unavailable for other reasons.

For more information on EDI and our solutions for Sage MAS 90/200/500, PFW, Business Vision, Business Works, and Sage Pro accounting packages, visit
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