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LabelPrint for Adagio

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Product / Service Name:LabelPrint for Adagio
Company:IMS Island Microsystems Ltd. (Click to Learn More)
Brief Description:
Print item shelf and barcode labels from Adagio inventory data. Labels can be printed for items in stock, on file or recently received.
Full Product Description:
LabelPrint is designed to print item labels from Adagio Inventory data. The item number can be printed as a barcode to allow scanning items into Inventory, Order Entry, CounterSales or other sales invoicing modules. Labels can be printed for any item or range of items on file. If desired only those items with quantity in stock can be selected, or only those items recently received. The Report Designer included with LabelPrint can be used to custom design labels for your company.
Features and Benefits
- Navigate all forms without using the mouse.

- Print shelf labels or item labels as required.

- Print the item number as a barcode.

- Scan items into Adagio Inventory, CounterSales and Adagio Order Entry.

- Print items on file.

- Print only items in stock.

- Print only items recently received.

- Use the Standard or Smart Finder to select inventory items.

- Use the report designer supplied to create custom label forms, printing.
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