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Blank Checks and Pressure Seal Forms for Adagio

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Product / Service Name:Blank Checks and Pressure Seal Forms for Adagio
Company:Wellspring Software (Click to Learn More)
Brief Description:
Blank Checks and Pressure Seal Forms save you money by eliminating the need for pre-printed forms.
Full Product Description:
Our blank checks not only save you money on pre-printed forms, they also offer these security features:
Toner Grip PaperChemically bonds laser toner to the paperVOID pantographCopied checks print the word VOID many times on face of checkRainbow backgroundExtremely difficult to copy using a color copy machineMicro printingBorder of check is actually printed word; too small to be copiedWatermarkCannot be copied with a photocopy machineEndorsement boxIncludes security warnings Chemical detectionPaper has built-in alteration detection system that presents a color signal if chemicals are used to alter the check

Our Pressure Seal Forms eliminate the need for envelopes, and reduce processing time by up to 90%. Contact us for more details!
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