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Product / Service Name:PrintBoss
Company:Wellspring Software (Click to Learn More)
Brief Description:
PrintBoss is a Windows printing utility that extends the printing capability of Adagio. PrintBoss lets you print any documents out of Adagio Accounting or any modules from Adagio Developer Partners onto blank laser paper.
Full Product Description:
Flexibility- Select any source paper tray on any printer for each copy of a document. Use a different color of paper for each copy
- Send a copy of the document as a PDF to any email address - save on postage and envelope costs; no folding or inserting
- Use conditional formatting to customize each copy of the document. For example, omit discount text entirely if no discount is available for the client.Convenience- Print one copy of a document on demand and save the other copies for batch printing. Give one copy to client/driver and batch the accounting copies for later printing.
- Send a document to any output tray on any printer for each copy. For example, send the original invoice to Accounting's printer; packing slip to Warehouse printer; sales copy to Sales Dept printer.Security for Payables Checks and Payroll Checks- Automatically create a positive pay file of the checks your bank is authorized to process. This is the most effective way to eliminate check fraud.
- Automatically print signatures based on a security encrypted "signature" diskAppearance- Use conditional formatting to only print information appropriate to the specific copy of the document.
No need to include extraneous information on any document.
- Make your documents more attractive with borders with rounded corners.Save Money- Use Softrak's inexpensive blank check stock to print PayDirt or Paymate payroll checks. PrintBoss can even print the MICR information at the bottom of the check so expensive and inconvenient pre-printed checks are no longer required.
Learn more about the various versions of PrintBoss at
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