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RockySoft Pack Light Inventory Management Suite

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Product / Service Name:RockySoft Pack Light Inventory Management Suite
Company:RockySoft (Click to Learn More)
Brief Description:
One size does NOT fit all. That’s why RockySoft provides an integrated set of modules to mix-and-match to best fit your inventory management needs: Forecasting / safety stock sizing, DRP/MRP, exception based management, EOQ / service level planning, vendor lead time management, OLAP cube reporting / KPI, Sales & Operations Planning, collaborative forecasting, logistics tracking, and retail store planning.
Full Product Description:
Demand Manager

Demand Manager (DM) delivers the tools you need to make better stocking decisions. Integrated demand forecasting and inventory planning software helps you effectively manage on-hand inventory levels. DM leads to less inventory on the shelf, higher fill rates, and better customer service.

Requirements Planner

RockySoft's Requirements Planner (RP) is an advanced procurement application that can support many different needs within a Supply Chain Network. This powerful module is an active purchase order planner that suggests replenishment quantities by item at the warehouse level and inter-site transfers.

Enterprise Metrics

Enterprise Metrics (EM) brings visibility to high-level supply chain management metrics including dollar levels, inventory levels, days inventory, service level history, and many more. Utilizing OLAP cube technology, the different views are almost endless. EM allows you to drill down into your data to determine the why?. You can get a more complete picture of where your company has been, so you can guide it to where you want it to go.

Economic Order Manager

Economic Order Manager (EOM) is a decision support tool for management and purchasing agents that performs inventory valuation, including ABC analysis and performance monitoring. Planners have the ability to adjust inventory parameters that calculate the total cost of ordering and holding inventory.

Exception Signals

Exception Signals (ES) offers customizable alerts when statistically significant variations from the plan occur, helping you manage by exception. ES monitors exceptions and captures messages from each of the distribution modules and presents them to buyers and planners in a prioritized order.

Demand Collaboration Portal

Demand Collaboration Portal (DCP) collaborates to build the most accurate forecasts by enabling everyone involved in demand management to work cooperatively. DCP enables synchronized modifications, forecast process workflow and automatic consolidation of plans. It develops a realistic projection of future demand by providing the proper sales forecast feedback, such as visibility into customer buying patterns.

Logistics Collaboration Portal

Logistics Collaboration Portal (LCP) aids companies that rely on product from overseas vendors or that need to keep a tight handle on product in transit. LCP will help you know where your outstanding purchase orders are at any point in time. LCP tracks or calculates relevant information like: where the product is, who has the product (Freight Forwarder, shipper, Customs, etc.) and the Estimated Time of Arrival (ETA).

Sales & Operations Planner

Sales and Operations Planner (S&OP) establishes time phased price and gross margin reporting based on sales forecasts developed in Demand Manager or Demand Collaboration Portal. Reports can be based on a multitude of options including: division, sales region, product family, customer channels.

Supply Base Manager

Supply Base Manager (SBM) collaborates with and monitors vendor performance. SBM provides a summarized or detailed view of a vendors' delivery performance. Individual shipments can be tracked by multiple parties and supply assurance can be increased by incorporating "Safety Time" into lead-times or factoring the delivery variance into safety stock.
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