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RockySoft Demand Manager

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Product / Service Name:RockySoft Demand Manager
Company:RockySoft (Click to Learn More)
Brief Description:
Demand Manager (DM) delivers the tools you need to make better stocking decisions. Integrated demand forecasting and inventory planning software helps you effectively manage on-hand inventory levels. DM leads to less inventory on the shelf, higher fill rates, and better customer service.
Full Product Description:
Demand Manager Features

  • Proprietary Forecasting developed and continually enhanced over a period of 25 years to meet the unique requirements of product level forecasting across industries.
  • Dynamically switch between weekly and monthly forecast buckets
  • Offers estimate of expected forecast error for inventory planning to meet customer service objectives.
  • Establishes dynamic safety stock, reorder points and inventory targets for product replenishment and service level support.
  • Generates lower level component forecasts bypassing the need for a full Materials Resource Planning (MRP) module.
  • Scalable–manages forecasts and stocking plans for thousands of SKUs
  • Flexible and dynamic aggregation for sales region, distribution center, product family, etc.
  • Forecast at any level of data–product, product/customer, product/region/customer, etc.
  • Covariance analysis provided for analyzing Point of Sale (POS) and leading indicator data.
  • Seamlessly integrated with Demand Collaboration Portal and Requirements Planning.
  • Automatically detects seasonality
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