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QuestionQuickBooks Enterprise SolutionsMicrosoft Dynamics GP
Version #12.02012
Functional Requirements
General Ledger
Industry Specific Charts of AccountsYesYes
G/L Account Code Supports:
Active AccountsYesYes
Inactive AccountsYesYes
Allocation AccountsNoYes
Accrual AccountsNoYes
Inter-Company AccountsNoYes
Event/Project Costing AccountsNoYes
Statistical AccountsNoYes
Supports Budget GroupsNoAdded Field
Allocation Account Processing:
Single AllocationNoYes
Waterfall to Other Allocation AccountsNoYes
Allocation Formulas Based Upon:
G/L Financial AccountsNoYes
Statistical AccountsNoYes
Complex Multiple Factor User Defined FormulaNoThird Party Product
Supports Workflow Period Closing:
Define Procedures List for Each UserNoYes
Define Dependent TasksNoNo
Includes Tasks and ReportsNoYes
Provides Check Boxes to Indicate CompletionNoYes
Supports Unlimited Note Fields for:
Batch Header RecordNoYes
Each LineYesYes
Journal Entry TemplatesYesYes
Supports Provisional PostingNoReport Writer
Full Bank Reconciliation FunctionsYesYes
Full Treasury Management FunctionsNoThird Party Product
Full Cash Management FunctionsYesYes
Final Period Dedicated to ClosingNoYes
Temporary Year End ClosingYesYes
Post Net Income to Multiple Equity AccountsYesYes
Drill Down to Original Transaction:
Displays Basic Transaction SourceYesYes
Displays Original Transaction in DetailYesYes
Displays Offsetting Entry or EntriesNoYes
Identifies Operator IDNoReport Writer
Consolidate Multiple CompaniesYesYes
Consolidate Different Charts of AccountsReport WriterYes
Consolidate Partially Owned CompaniesReport WriterYes
Consolidate Entities With Different Fiscal YearsReport WriterYes
Define Tree Structure for ConsolidationNoYes
Eliminate Inter-Company TransfersNoReport Writer
Produce Financial Statements for:
Product LinesYesYes
Sales RepresentativesYesYes
Cost CentersYesYes
Comparative Income Statement:
This Month Versus Last YearYesYes
Year to Date Versus Last YearYesYes
Year to Date Versus BudgetYesYes
Variance AnalysisYesYes
Variance Expressed as PercentageYesYes
Variance Expressed as DollarsYesYes
Cash Flow AnalysisYesYes
Working Capital AnalysisReport WriterReport Writer
Changes in Financial PositionReport WriterReport Writer
Ratio AnalysisReport WriterReport Writer
Accounts Payable
Departmental/Divisional Accounts Payable FilesNoYes
Roll A/P Processing into Parent EntityNoThird Party Product
Consolidate Vendor FilesNoYes
Vendor Master File Supports:
Multiple Order-From ContactsNoYes
Multiple Ship-From ContactsNoYes
Multiple Pay-to ContactsNoYes
Maintain Electronic Copies of Purchase ContractsNoYes
Supports Vendor Web Access to Master FilesNoThird Party Product
Payment to Third PartyNoYes
Maintain Vendor Special Purchasing InstructionsAdded FieldYes
Display Instructions Automatically During P.O. EntryNoCustomization
Vendor Performance Ratings System:
Automatically Calculated and TrackedNoReport Writer
Manual Assignment of RatingsYesAdded Field
Compares Vendors Supplying Equivalent ItemsNoReport Writer
Vendor Contact Manager:
Unlimited Notes by Date and UserYesYes
Call Back SchedulingNoYes
Workflow Forwarding with Attached NotesNoYes
Supports Purchase Order Control SystemYesYes
Supports Web Based eProcurement:
Vendor Provided ApplicationNoYes
Third Party ProductNoYes
Supports Purchasing of:
Direct MaterialsNoYes
Indirect (MRO) MaterialsYesYes
Supports Landed Cost TrackingNoYes
Automatically Prorate Landed Costs to:
Inventory Items (Stock Available for Resale)NoYes
Customer Drop Ship OrdersYesNo
Supports Internal Requisition SystemNoYes
Supports Proforma/RFQ OrdersNoThird Party Product
Automatic Purchase Orders:
User Defines Order Price CeilingNoNo
User Defines Items Not Requiring ApprovalNoYes
User Defines Vendors Not Requiring ApprovalNoYes
Defaults to Best Quantity Price Break PointNoYes
Auto P.O. Based on MRP Planned Orders:
Auto P.O. with Manual ConfirmationNoYes
Auto P.O. without Manual ConfirmationNoYes
Supports Purchase Order Approval System:
Maintains Table of Approval LevelsNoYes
Supports Workflow-Based Approval ProcessNoYes
Forecasted Requirements Based Upon:
MRP Computer Planned OrdersThird Party ProductYes
Time-Phased Demand FormulaThird Party ProductThird Party Product
Past Periods Average UsageThird Party ProductThird Party Product
Forecasted Demand Based on FormulasNoThird Party Product
Adjusts Forecast for Seasonal VariationsThird Party ProductThird Party Product
Ignores Exceptional SalesNoThird Party Product
Budgeted Demand ForecastingNoThird Party Product
System Tracks/Displays Best Vendor MatchNoThird Party Product
Purchase Discounts Supported:
Item Order Quantity DiscountNoThird Party Product
Item Order Dollar DiscountNoThird Party Product
Total Order Dollar DiscountNoThird Party Product
Group Similar Items into Single Discount CategoryNoModification
Prints Vendor Part Number on Purchase OrderYesYes
Tracks Status of Open Purchase OrdersYesYes
Tracking System Functions Supported:
Provides Contact Manager Type FunctionalityNoNo
Supports Unlimited Notes FieldNoYes
Automatic Inter-Company Processing:
Creates Receivables Transaction AutomaticallyNoThird Party Product
Posts Expense in Related Entity AutomaticallyNoThird Party Product
Supports Procurement Card Processing:
Import Transactions from Credit Card CompanyNoThird Party Product
G/L Account Assigned by Credit Card CompanyNoThird Party Product
G/L Account Assigned ManuallyNoThird Party Product
Supports Travel & Entertainment Reporting:
Supports T&E Reporting ScreensNoYes
Supports Web Based T&E ReportingNoYes
Routes T&E Expense Forms for ApprovalNoYes
Prorate Freight Charges:
To Expense AccountYesYes
Prorate to Each ItemNoYes
Schedule Invoice Payment Over TimeNoYes
Invoice Approval Workflow System:
User Defined Workflow CriteriaNoThird Party Product
Contact Manager TrackingNoThird Party Product
Route Up/Down Approval ChainNoModification
Screen Review of Invoices Which Are Due:
By VendorYesYes
By Due DateYesYes
Display of Cash AvailableYesYes
Clear Payment ScheduleYesYes
Automatic Recalculation of Payment Schedule:
Users Specified Total PaymentNoNo
User Specified Percentage ReductionNoNo
Assign Payment Priority by VendorNoYes
Check Formats Supported:
Laser ChecksYesYes
MICRThird Party ProductYes
EDIThird Party ProductYes
EFT (Electronic Funds Transfer)YesYes
Print Separate Check Remittance AdviceYesYes
Cash Requirements Report:
Sort by Due DateYesYes
Sort by Discount DateYesYes
Vendor Analysis Report:
All TransactionsYesYes
Purchase History This YearYesYes
Purchase History Previous YearsYesYes
Accounts Receivable
Divisional Accounts ReceivableNoYes
Roll A/R Processing into Parent CompanyNoYes
Consolidate Customer Files and TransactionsNoYes
Maintain Electronic Copies of Purchase ContractsYesYes
Ship Complete Only NotationAdded FieldYes
Item Substitution NotationNoYes
Supports Credit Management System:
Web-Based Credit ApplicationsNoThird Party Product
Internal Credit Analysis ScreensNoModification
Direct Link to Credit Rating ServiceNoModification
Tracks D&B RatingNoAdded Field
Workflow-Based Application ProcessingNoNo
Assign Credit Review DateNoAdded Field
Tracks Customer Payment HistoryYesYes
Calculates Credit Rating AutomaticallyReport WriterThird Party Product
Supports Electronic Bill Presentation and Payment (EBPP)NoYes
Contract Price Management:
Flat Percentage Discount off RetailYesYes
Sliding Scale Depending Upon YTD Sales LevelNoYes
Customer Specific Pricing MatrixYesYes
Calculates Freight Charges AutomaticallyNoThird Party Product
Prints Month End Billing Statement/Invoice:
Single Summary Statement/InvoiceYesReport Writer
Summary Statement Plus Detailed InvoicesYesYes
Assigns Blanket Invoice NumberYesModification
System Displays all Outstanding InvoicesYesYes
Credit Payment to Multiple Open ItemsYesYes
Split Payment Across Multiple CompaniesNoThird Party Product
Flag Part Paid Invoice for Immediate ResolutionNoThird Party Product
Write off Small AmountsYesYes
Write Off Small Amounts Automatically:
User Defined Dollar ThresholdNoYes
User Defined Percentage ThresholdNoYes
Specific Debt Collection ProgramNoYes
Debt Collection Program Includes:
Automatic Trigger and TransferNoYes
Route to Predefined Collections AgentNoYes
Displays Past Collections HistoryNoYes
Contact Manager FunctionsNoYes
Holds Invoices Which Are in DisputeNoYes
Special Dispute Resolution Tracking SystemNoYes
Credit Exception Reporting and AnalysisReport WriterYes
Gross Profit Analysis by:
Customer CategoryAdded FieldYes
Product LineAdded FieldReport Writer
Sales RepresentativeYesReport Writer
Channel PartnerAdded FieldAdded Field
Sales TeamAdded FieldAdded Field
Sales ManagerAdded FieldAdded Field
Marketing CampaignAdded FieldAdded Field
RegionAdded FieldYes
DepartmentAdded FieldYes
StoreAdded FieldYes
Cash Flow Forecast:
By Due DateYesYes
By Discount DateReport WriterYes
By Average Payment DateReport WriterYes
Rank Customers by:
Dollar VolumeYesYes
Gross Margin DollarsReport WriterReport Writer
Gross Margin PercentageReport WriterReport Writer
Fully Allocated Net ProfitNoReport Writer
Customer Relationship Management
Supports Access to CRM System via:
Wireless DeviceThird Party ProductYes
Web Based ApplicationThird Party ProductYes
CRM Functionality:
Customer ContactsYesYes
Customer Account ManagementYesYes
CTI (Computer Telephony) IntegrationThird Party ProductThird Party Product
Time Management / CalendarsYesYes
Group SchedulingNoYes
Sales Process ManagementThird Party ProductYes
Contract ManagementThird Party ProductYes
Margin AnalysisNoReport Writer
Price NegotiationNoYes
Contract PricingNoYes
Opportunity ManagementThird Party ProductYes
Pipeline AnalysisThird Party ProductYes
Sales Force ManagementThird Party ProductYes
Territory ManagementThird Party ProductYes
Call Center ManagementThird Party ProductYes
Channel Partner ManagementThird Party ProductYes
Sales Quotas and IncentivesNoYes
Performance ReviewThird Party ProductYes
Correspondence and FulfillmentThird Party ProductYes
Marketing ManagementThird Party ProductYes
E-mail / Customized Messaging ManagementThird Party ProductYes
Marketing EncyclopediaNoNo
Sales ScriptsNoYes
Competitive AnalysisNoYes
Sales Information UpdatesNoYes
Sales Proposal GeneratorNoThird Party Product
Product ConfigurationNoThird Party Product
Predictive Customer IntelligenceNoCustomization
Sales Order ProcessingYesYes
Customer SupportThird Party ProductYes
Service / RMA ManagementThird Party ProductCustomization
Warranty ManagementThird Party ProductYes
Sales Expense ReportingNoYes
Dispute / Problem ResolutionThird Party ProductYes
Sales ForecastingThird Party ProductReport Writer
Data AnalysisThird Party ProductYes
Remote CRM Users Access Options:
Data SynchronizationYesYes
Web Browser AccessYesYes
Hand-Held DevicesThird Party ProductYes
Web-Enabled PhoneNoYes
Web-Enabled PagerNoNo
Integrates with CRM Packages:
Vendor Provided CRM PackageNoYes
Client Management Software (On!Contact)NoNo
Infor CRMNoNo
Microsoft Dynamics CRMNoYes
Microsoft Dynamics CRM LiveNoYes
Microsoft Dynamics CRM On-LineNoYes
NetSuite CRM+NoNo
Pivotal Relationship 2000NoNo
Sage CRMNoNo
Sage CRM.comNoNo
Sage SalesLogixNoNo
SiebelNoThird Party Product
Integrates with Contact Management System:
Vendor Provided Contact ManagerYesYes
ACT! by SageYesNo
Position Classification Determines Rate for:
User Defined Position TablesNoYes
Straight TimeNoYes
Shift PremiumNoYes
Automatically Applies Scheduled RaisesNoYes
Automatically Applies Cost of Living AdjustmentsNoModification
Implements Retroactive Pay RaiseNoYes
Supports Local Union Benefit ReportingAdded FieldYes
Supports Calculation of Employer ContributionReport WriterYes
Deduction Limit Management:
Set Minimum Fixed Dollar EarningNoYes
Set Deduction LimitsNoYes
Set Deduction MinimumsNoYes
Tracks Deductions as Non-MandatoryNoYes
Automatically Pays Employee Obligations:
Prints Check in Payroll Check RunYesYes
Establishes Payee in A/P From Payroll ModuleYesYes
Posts Deduction as Unpaid Voucher AutomaticallyNoYes
Direct DepositYesYes
Payroll Benefits AdministrationNoYes
Candidate TrackingNoYes
Time and Attendance AdministrationNoYes
Job Performance TrackingThird Party ProductYes
Training AdministrationThird Party ProductYes
Internal Class/Training Tracking and SchedulingThird Party ProductYes
Educational Proficiency TrackingThird Party ProductYes
COBRA AdministrationThird Party ProductYes
Employee Health and SafetyThird Party ProductYes
Employee and Labor RelationsThird Party ProductYes
HR Workflow Controls:
User Defined HR Process WorkflowsNoYes
Application ReviewNoNo
TrainingThird Party ProductNo
Internal Job PostingsNoNo
TerminationsThird Party ProductYes
Internet Functions Supported:
Benefit SchedulingThird Party ProductYes
Vacation PlanningThird Party ProductYes
Deduction Changes (Voluntary)NoYes
Supports Canadian Payroll ProcessingNoYes
Accepts Payroll Data From Remote TerminalsYesYes
Accepts Data From Time ClockThird Party ProductThird Party Product
Internet Data Input Functions:
Time EntryNoYes
Job/Project DetailsNoYes
Reimburseable ExpensesNoThird Party Product
Current LocationNoNo
Time Sheet ApprovalNoYes
Pay Rate Based on Work PerformedNoYes
Pays Shift Differentials AutomaticallyNoYes
Pay Withholding and FICA From PayrollYesNo
Pays Federal Taxes ElectronicallyYesThird Party Product
Repay Deductions from Payroll ModuleYesNo
Flags Abnormal ChecksNoReport Writer
Flags Negative ChecksYesYes
Print W2 and 1099 After Year EndYesYes
User Defined W2NoYes
Magnetic Media W2YesYes
940 and 941 Schedule InformationYesYes
941 WorksheetYesYes
Unemployment Tax ReportsYesYes
State Disability ReportYesReport Writer
Workers Compensation ReportYesReport Writer
Group Parts Using SimilaritiesNoYes
Supports Superseded ItemsNoModification
Supports Multi-Dimensional ItemsNoThird Party Product
Supports Bar Code Tracking:
Material ReceiptThird Party ProductThird Party Product
Translates Supplier Bar CodeThird Party ProductThird Party Product
Inventory Stock CountThird Party ProductThird Party Product
Order PickingThird Party ProductThird Party Product
Alternate VendorsNoYes
Pricing Conventions:
Single Price OnlyNoNo
Multiple Price LevelsYesYes
List PriceYesYes
Blanket DiscountNoYes
Customer Price Matrix Options:
Customer All ItemsYesYes
Customer by ItemYesYes
Customer by Item GroupNoYes
Customer by Product ClassNoYes
Customer Type All ItemsNoYes
Customer Type by ItemNoYes
Reorder Conventions:
AutomaticThird Party ProductYes
Calculates EOQThird Party ProductThird Party Product
Reorder Point Adjusted for Vendor Lead TimeThird Party ProductThird Party Product
Reorder Control Includes Internal Lead Times:
Purchasing Order Processing TimeThird Party ProductNo
Machine SetupThird Party ProductYes
Queue TimeThird Party ProductYes
Run/Production TimeThird Party ProductYes
Wait TimeNoYes
Supports Multiple WarehousesYesYes
Supports Radio Frequency ManagementNoThird Party Product
Supports RFID (Radio Frequency IdentificationYesThird Party Product
Multiple Stocking Locations in Same WarehouseYesYes
Moveable Warehouse Locations (License Plates)YesNo
Supports Bin LocationsYesYes
Multiple Bin Locations for Same ItemYesYes
Copy Existing BOM to New Bill of Materials:
Copy Entire Bill of MaterialsYesYes
Copy Specific Sub-AssembliesNoYes
Mass Replace ComponentNoYes
Supports Work Orders for Light AssemblyNoYes
Supports Warehouse Transfers:
Supports Menu Functions for TransfersYesYes
Creates Internal Shipping DocumentsYesYes
Tracks Items While Being TransferredYesYes
Adjusts Order Entry Availability During TransferYesYes
Hazardous Materials Controls:
Check Box Identifies as HazardousAdded FieldYes
Identifies Federal Control NumberAdded FieldAdded Field
Price Change Conventions:
Automatic as Costs ChangeNoYes
User DefinedYesModification
Automatic Across the BoardYesYes
Entire Customer TableNoYes
Item OnlyYesYes
Product LineNoThird Party Product
Define Percentage Margin RequiredNoModification
Display Modified Prices Before CommitmentYesYes
Set Effective Date for Price ChangesNoThird Party Product
Set Contract Dates for Specific CustomersNoThird Party Product
Prompt for Expiration of Effective DatesNoThird Party Product
Time Based Discount PricingNoYes
Split Case and Other Fractional SellingYesYes
Supports Specific Receiving Functions/ScreensYesYes
Prints or Displays Anticipated Receiving ScheduleYesYes
User Defined Put Away RulesNoThird Party Product
Unit of Measure Conversions:
Purchase to StockingYesYes
Multiple Stocking Units of MeasureYesYes
Stocking to SellingYesYes
Supports RMA (Return Material Authorization):
Receipts From SuppliersNoYes
Shipments to CustomersNoYes
Customer ExchangesNoYes
Customer Return for CreditNoYes
Customer Return for RepairNoYes
Receives Material Subject to InspectionNoYes
Supports Exception Control SystemNoThird Party Product
Automatic Shipping Orders for Back Ordered ItemsNoYes
Manual Issue with Suggested BackflushNoModification
Prints Shipping ScheduleYesYes
Supports Wave PickingNoNo
Supports Cross Dock ShippingNoThird Party Product
Calculates Shipping WeightNoCustomization
Segregates Items With Unusual Balance SwingsReport WriterYes
Drill Down to Orders Creating Unusual SwingsNoYes
Customer Contract History ReportReport WriterYes
Inventory Analysis:
TurnoverReport WriterYes
Percentage ProfitabilityYesYes
Dollar ProfitabilityYesYes
Product LineYesYes
Profit Exception ReportReport WriterReport Writer
Replenishment Orders RequiredYesYes
Stock out OnlyReport WriterYes
Excessive InventoryReport WriterYes
User DefinedReport WriterYes
Job/Project Management
Supports Job/Project Types for:
ConstructionYesThird Party Product
Service ManagementYesYes
Architectural and EngineeringYesYes
Professional Service OrganizationYesYes
Job Resource File Contains:
Detailed Resource SpecificationsNoThird Party Product
Labor Resources by Skill CategoryNoThird Party Product
Job Cost EstimatingYesYes
Convert Estimate to BudgetYesYes
Assigns Default Billing Rates by:
Individual TimekeeperNoYes
Timekeeper GroupsNoYes
Billing Formats Supported:
Fixed FeeYesYes
Time and ExpenseYesYes
Mixed Fixed Fee / Time & ExpenseNoYes
Completed ContractYesYes
Progress / Partial BillingYesYes
Contingent FeesNoYes
Installment BillingNoYes
Recurring TransactionsNoYes
Bill to Functions Supported:
Separate Work for and Bill to AddressesNoYes
Bill to Related Client NumberNoYes
Bill to Unrelated Third PartyNoYes
Single Bill to for Multiple Client SitesNoYes
Supports Remote Data Entry to Jobs via:
Wireless DeviceYesThird Party Product
Web Based Desktop ApplicationYesYes
Supports Pop-Up Time RecorderYesThird Party Product
Time Tracking Options Supported:
Support LaborNoYes
Job Tracking Functions Supported:
Provides Contact Manager Type FunctionalityNoThird Party Product
Supports Unlimited Notes FieldNoYes
Task Start and Projected Completion DatesNoThird Party Product
Task Lead TimesNoThird Party Product
PERT DataNoThird Party Product
Critical Path DataNoThird Party Product
Assign Expedite Status to Specific TasksNoThird Party Product
Assign Next Review DateNoThird Party Product
Supports Project Management FunctionsNoYes
Define Dependent RelationshipsNoThird Party Product
Analysis of Productive Versus Non-Productive LaborNoYes
Analysis of Support LaborNoReport Writer
Supports Realization Review:
Individual TimekeeperReport WriterReport Writer
Timekeeper GroupsNoReport Writer
Realization PercentageNoReport Writer
Effective Billing RateNoReport Writer
Supports Profit Analysis by:
ClientReport WriterYes
Individual TimekeeperNoYes
Timekeeper GroupsNoReport Writer
Service TypesNoReport Writer
Task TypesNoAdded Field
Separates Warranty WorkNoYes
Self Contained Invoicing RoutineYesYes
Supports Pre Billing Review and WorksheetYesReport Writer
Pre Billing Edit Routines:
Mark Engagement as Non-Billable (Temporary)NoYes
Mark Engagement as Complete / Ready for BillingNoYes
Mark Task as Complete / Ready for BillingNoYes
Exclusion of Line ItemYesYes
Adjustment of Line ItemNoYes
Partial Billing of Line ItemNoYes
Complete Biling of Line ItemYesYes
Input Free Form NarrativeYesYes
Modification of Default Billing RatesYesYes
Supports Multiple Write Up/Down Options:
Insert with Note AttachedNoYes
Automatic Adjustment of HoursNoYes
Automatic Adjustment of DollarsNoYes
Manual Override of Automatic AdjustmentsNoCustomization
Entirely ManualNoYes
Include Write Up/Down on InvoiceNoYes
Print Only Net Figures on InvoiceNoYes
Order Entry
Primarily Designed for:
Wholesale DistributionYesYes
Light ManufacturingYesYes
Commercial Counter SalesYesYes
Consumer Telephone SalesNoYes
Retail Point of SaleThird Party ProductYes
Supports Warranty Handling System:
Displays Original Shipment DetailsNoYes
Displays Seller's Warranty InformationNoYes
Displays Manufacturer's Warranty InformationNoAdded Field
Ties Into Claim Handling Workflow SystemNoThird Party Product
Supports Unlimited Claim NotesNoYes
Ties Into RMA SystemNoYes
Supports Service Management Functions:
Maintain Service Contract DetailsNoYes
Bill Monthly Service Fees AutomaticallyNoYes
Define Locations Being ServicedYesYes
Maintain Equipment List Being ServicedYesYes
Maintain Service Schedules for EquipmentYesYes
Maintain Equipment Spare Parts ListsNoYes
Supports Service Scheduling SystemYesYes
Supports Daily Dispatch FunctionsYesYes
Dispatch/Control Multiple Service VehiclesYesYes
Route SchedulingNoThird Party Product
Maintain Spare Parts Per Service VehicleNoYes
Track Each Service Call SeparatelyYesYes
Maintain Service Records for all EquipmentYesYes
Supports RMAs to Manufacturers/SuppliersNoYes
EDI Commerce Options:
Order PlacementYesYes
Order AcknowledgmentYesThird Party Product
Advance Ship NoticeNoThird Party Product
InvoicingNoThird Party Product
Internet Commerce Options:
Business to Business CommerceThird Party ProductYes
Business to Consumer CommerceThird Party ProductYes
Display Customer Specific CatalogueThird Party ProductModification
Display Customer Specific PricingThird Party ProductYes
Secure Credit Card ProcessingThird Party ProductYes
Product ConfiguratorThird Party ProductYes
Automatic Product Pricing for Configured ItemsThird Party ProductThird Party Product
Order AcknowledgmentThird Party ProductYes
Advance Ship NoticeNoYes
Supports On-the-Fly Item ConfiguratorNoThird Party Product
Supports Prompting Item ConfiguratorNoThird Party Product
Creates Work Order AutomaticallyThird Party ProductYes
Supports Special Customer RequirementsNoYes
Supports Ship Complete Only OrdersNoYes
Verifies Production Schedule:
Finite SchedulingNoYes
Available to PromiseYesYes
Displays Best Price CalculationsNoYes
Displays Quantity Price BreaksNoYes
Price Discounts Based on:
Item QuantityNoYes
Order QuantityNoModification
Group Items Into CategoriesNoModification
Displays Alternate ItemsNoYes
Displays Upgrade ItemsNoThird Party Product
Charge Upgrade at Original Item PriceNoThird Party Product
Cross-Reference by Customer Part NumberNoYes
Supports Orders Tracking ApplicationNoThird Party Product
Internet Order Status Query by:
Sales RepresentativesNoYes
Customer Purchase Order NumberNoYes
Customer Part NumberNoYes
Specify Action to be Taken on Open OrdersNoYes
Supports Partial ShipmentsYesYes
Supports Shipping From Multiple WarehousesYesYes
Displays Shipping Schedule by Day/WeekReport WriterYes
Consolidates Pick Tickets by:
Warehouse LocationYesYes
Supports Carrier Pickup Scheduling:
Sort Orders by CarrierNoReport Writer
Display Carrier Contact Name/NumberNoReport Writer
Schedule Pick Up TimesNoReport Writer
Supports Delivery Route SchedulingNoThird Party Product
Delay Invoicing Until All Items Have Been ShippedNoYes
Prints Customer Part NumberNoYes
Automatic Calculation of Freight ChargesNoThird Party Product
Backlog ReportReport WriterYes
Customer Credit Limit WarningReport WriterYes
Margin Analysis Sorted by:
Invoice NumberReport WriterYes
User DefinedYesYes
Salesperson Performance Analysis:
Gross SalesYesYes
Price OverridesNoNo
Conversion RatioNoYes
Canceled SalesNoYes
Bad Debt RatioNoReport Writer
Supports Comparison Versus BudgetYesYes
Supports Separate Internal Budgeting ModuleYesYes
Integrates With Third Party Budgeting SystemNoYes
Supports Budget Roll Up SystemNoYes
Fixed Dollar Budgets OnlyYesNo
Variable BudgetsReport WriterYes
Input Percentage Growth RateYesYes
Expresses New Budget as PercentageReport WriterYes
Values Based Upon Other ValuesReport WriterYes
Supports Spreadsheet Budgets:
Import New Budget From SpreadsheetYesYes
Vendor Provides Full InstructionsNoYes
Functional Requirements
Modules Required
Functions Supported/Required:
General LedgerYesYes
Bank ReconciliationYesYes
Cash ManagementNoYes
Treasury ManagementNoThird Party Product
Portfolio / Investment ManagementNoThird Party Product
Risk ManagementNoYes
Compliance Management (Sarbanes-Oxley)NoYes
Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT)YesYes
Financial Planning and ForecastingNoYes
Complex Consolidations/Roll UpsNoYes
Complex AllocationsNoYes
Multi-Currency AccountingYesYes
Multi-Lingual AccountingNoYes
Fund AccountingNoYes
Fund RaisingNoYes
Fund Management / TrackingNoYes
Membership ManagementNoThird Party Product
Governmental AccountingNoThird Party Product
Activity Based CostingNoThird Party Product
Accounts PayableYesYes
Expense / Spending ManagementNoYes
Strategic SourcingNoNo
Supply Chain ManagementNoYes
Supply Chain OptimizationNoYes
Trading Partner ManagementNoNo
Accounts ReceivableYesYes
Credit ManagementNoYes
Payment Clearing and SettlementNoThird Party Product
Revenue RecognitionNoYes
Time and BillingYesYes
Equipment Rental / Lease ManagementNoThird Party Product
Debt CollectionNoYes
Customer Chargeback ProcessingNoThird Party Product
Sales AnalysisYesYes
Sales/Use Tax ReportingYesYes
Human Resource ManagementNoYes
Direct DepositYesYes
Inventory ControlYesYes
Warehouse ManagementYesThird Party Product
Bill of MaterialsYesYes
Supply Chain ManagementNoYes
Demand PlanningNoYes
Logistics ManagementNoYes
Transportation Scheduling/ControlNoThird Party Product
Job Costing: ConstructionYesThird Party Product
Job Costing: ServiceYesYes
Job Costing: ManufacturingNoYes
Job Costing: Government ContractorsNoThird Party Product
Project AccountingYesYes
Project ManagementNoThird Party Product
Fixed AssetsYesYes
Facilities/Equipment Maintenance SchedulingNoYes
Facilities/Equipment Maintenance CostingNoThird Party Product
Order EntryYesYes
POS/Counter SalesYesYes
Contact ManagementYesYes
Customer Relationship ManagementNoYes
Sales Force ManagementThird Party ProductYes
Customer Support ManagementNoYes
Service Contract ManagementNoYes
Service DispatchNoYes
Document/Image ManagementNoYes
Workflow ManagementNoYes
Task ManagementNoYes
OLAP (On-Line Analytical Processing)NoYes
EIS (Executive Information System)NoYes
Manufacturing Functions Required/Supported:
Assembly/Light ManufacturingYesYes
Make-to-Stock ManufacturingThird Party ProductYes
Make-to-Order ManufacturingThird Party ProductYes
Engineer-to-Order ManufacturingNoYes
Apparel ManufacturingNoThird Party Product
Process ManufacturingNoThird Party Product
Lean ManufacturingNoYes
Just-in-Time PlanningNoYes
Advanced Planning and SchedulingNoYes
Available to PromiseNoYes
Capacity Requirements PlanningNoYes
Master Production Planning (MPS)NoYes
Product Lifecycle Management (PLM)NoThird Party Product
Work Order ProcessingThird Party ProductYes
Production SchedulingThird Party ProductYes
Shop Floor ControlNoYes
Machine SchedulingThird Party ProductYes
Labor SchedulingThird Party ProductYes
MRPIIThird Party ProductYes
ERPThird Party ProductYes
Factory AutomationNoThird Party Product
Real-Time MES (Manufacturing Execution)NoYes
Machine ControlsNoYes
Statistical Process ControlsNoThird Party Product
Quality ControlNoThird Party Product
Machine Maintenance and Repair PlanningNoThird Party Product
Industry Specific Support
Accounting: PublicYesYes
AdvertisingNoThird Party Product
Aerospace and AviationNoThird Party Product
Agriculture: FarmingNoThird Party Product
Agriculture: LivestockNoThird Party Product
ApparelNoThird Party Product
Architecture and EngineeringNoYes
Automotive: Repair and ServiceYesThird Party Product
Automotive: SalesNoThird Party Product
Automotive: SupplyYesYes
Banking and FinanceNoYes
BiotechnologyNoThird Party Product
Building MaterialsNoThird Party Product
ChemicalNoThird Party Product
Commerical Building MaterialsNoThird Party Product
Commercial ServicesNoThird Party Product
CommunicationsNoThird Party Product
Computers / Technology / ElectronicsNoThird Party Product
Contractors: ElectricalYesYes
Contractors: HVACYesYes
Contractors: PlumbingYesYes
Construction: CommercialYesThird Party Product
Construction: HighwayNoThird Party Product
Construction: HomesYesThird Party Product
ConsultingNoThird Party Product
Consumer Package GoodsNoThird Party Product
DentalNoThird Party Product
Distribution & WarehousingYesYes
EducationNoThird Party Product
Employment Agencies/ContractorsNoThird Party Product
EnergyNoThird Party Product
Engineering & ArchitectureYesYes
Entertainment, Travel and HospitalityNoThird Party Product
EnvironmentalNoThird Party Product
Event Planning, Trade Shows and MeetingsNoThird Party Product
Finance and BankingNoThird Party Product
Food ServicesNoThird Party Product
ForestryNoThird Party Product
Government: LocalNoYes
Government and Public AdministrationNoYes
Grocery & FoodsYesThird Party Product
Hospitality and LodgingNoThird Party Product
InsuranceNoThird Party Product
Life SciencesNoYes
Loan ManagementNoThird Party Product
Manufacturing: ApparelNoNo
Manufacturing: DiscreteNoYes
Manufacturing: Engineer-to-OrderNoYes
Manufacturing: FDA Controlled (Foods)NoThird Party Product
Manufacturing: Make-to-Order (Job Shop)Third Party ProductYes
Manufacturing: Make-to-StockThird Party ProductYes
Manufacturing: ProcessNoThird Party Product
Media and EntertainmentNoThird Party Product
Medical: EquipmentNoThird Party Product
Medical: Hospital ManagementNoThird Party Product
Medical: Office/Patient ManagementNoThird Party Product
Metals: FabricationNoYes
Metals: Wholesale/DistributionNoYes
Metals: Wire and CableNoNo
Mortgage ProcessingNoNo
Not-for-Profit: Fund AccountingNoThird Party Product
Not-for-Profit: Fund ManagementNoThird Party Product
Not-for-Profit: Fund RaisingNoThird Party Product
Not-for-Profit: Membership ManagementNoThird Party Product
Office Equipment DealersYesThird Party Product
Oil and Gas (Exploration and Distribution)NoThird Party Product
PetrochemicalNoThird Party Product
PharmaceuticalNoThird Party Product
Professional ServicesNoYes
Project ManagementNoThird Party Product
Property ManagementNoThird Party Product
PrintingYesThird Party Product
Public RelationsNoThird Party Product
Real Estate: Brokerage Office ManagementNoThird Party Product
Real Estate: Property ManagementNoThird Party Product
RecreationNoThird Party Product
Rental/Lease: EquipmentNoThird Party Product
Rental/Lease: VehiclesNoThird Party Product
Research and DevelopmentNoThird Party Product
RestaurantsYesThird Party Product
ShippingNoThird Party Product
Software DevelopmentNoThird Party Product
SportsNoThird Party Product
TelecommunicationsNoThird Party Product
Time and BillingNoThird Party Product
TransportationNoThird Party Product
Travel AgenciesNoThird Party Product
UtilitiesNoThird Party Product
Wholesale / DistributionNoYes
Wineries (Production and Distribution)NoThird Party Product
System Requirements
Client Operating System:
3270 TerminalNoNo
Windows 2000YesNo
Windows 2003NoYes
Windows VistaYesYes
Windows XPYesYes
Server Operating System:
IBM MainframeNoNo
MS Small Business ServerYesYes
MS Windows 2000YesNo
MS Windows 2003YesYes
MS Windows Vista ServerYesYes
Novell NetWareNoNo
UNIX - Sun SolarisNoNo
UNIX - SCO/UnixwareNoNo
Databases Supported:
CA - DatacomNoNo
CA - IngresNoNo
Centura SQLBaseNoNo
Gupta SQLBaseNoNo
Info Builders FocusNoNo
MS AccessNoNo
MS SQL ServerNoYes
MS SQL Server Enterprise EditionNoYes
MS SQL Server 2005NoYes
MS SQL Server 2008NoYes
Scalable SQLNoNo
Sybase SQL ServerYesNo
Programming Language:
Basic/Business BasicNoNo
Object Oriented LanguageNoYes
Visual BasicNoYes
Visual FoxProNoNo
Visual Studio 2005NoYes
Supports Web-Enabled Employee Facing Applications:
Core Accounting ApplicationsNoYes
Customer Relationship ManagementYesYes
Contact ManagementNoYes
Time/Expense EntryNoYes
HR AccessNoYes
Project ManagementNoYes
Sales Force ManagementNoYes
Order EntryNoYes
Order Status QueryNoYes
Executive Information SystemNoYes
Supports Multi-Currency Transactions:
Full FASB 52 ComplianceYesYes
Accounts ReceivableYesYes
Accounts PayableYesYes
General LedgerNoYes
Supports Canadian Tax Reporting:
Accounts Receivable & BillingNoYes
Source Code AvailabilityNoYes
Deployment Options:
Hosted (Vendor or Third Party Hosting)YesYes
Cloud / SaaSYesFuture Release
Purchase Options:
Vendor Provided FinancingNoYes
Software LeasingNoYes
ASP ProviderNoYes
Audit Users and Functions AccessedNoYes
Audit All Master File ChangesNoYes
Transaction Analysis Codes Supported for:
General LedgerYesYes
Accounts PayableYesYes
Accounts ReceivableNoYes
Order EntryNoYes
Posting Method:
Real TimeYesYes
Accounting Basis:
Cash AccountingYesThird Party Product
Accrual AccountingYesYes
Supports Explorer Style MenuNoYes
Create User-Specific MenusNoYes
Supports Workflow Based Menu StructureNoYes
Workflow Based Menu Includes:
Define Procedures List for Each UserNoYes
Define Dependent TasksNoYes
Includes Tasks and ReportsNoYes
Includes Sub-Module TasksNoYes
Includes Off-Line Tasks and RoutinesNoYes
Procedures List for Reference OnlyNoYes
Jump to Task for Listed ProcedureNoYes
Provides Check Boxes to Indicate CompletionNoYes
Forces Task Completion in SequenceNoYes
Provides Master Control List of all TasksNoYes
Access System via PortalNoYes
Portal Includes:
Accounting ApplicationsNoYes
Outside ApplicationsNoYes
Automatically Refreshed ReportsNoYes
Performance Dashboard IndicatorsNoYes
Performance GraphsNoYes
Supports Automatic Alert TriggersNoYes
Supports Exception Management System:
User Defined Target ValuesReport WriterYes
Targets Include Calculated ValuesReport WriterModification
User Defined Percentage TriggerReport WriterModification
User Defined Dollar TriggerReport WriterYes
Automatic Notification of Named IndividualNoYes
Manual Inclusion of User Tasks/ProblemsNoReport Writer
E-mail Notification OnlyNoYes
Incident Posted on User To-Do ListNoYes
To-Do List Includes User Defined TasksNoYes
Supports Contact Manager FunctionalityNoThird Party Product
Forward/Share Specific Problems/IncidentsNoYes
Maintain Incident HistoryNoYes
Web Based Exception ManagerNoYes
Supports XBRL Reporting StandardsNoYes
Supports Data WarehousingNoYes
Supports OLAP Data CubesNoYes
Built-in Report WriterYesYes
Third Party Report Writers Supported:
Business Framework SeriesNoNo
CFO VisionNoNo
Clime (Coopers and Lybrand)NoNo
Commander FDC/BudgetNoNo
Crystal ReportsYesYes
FRx for WindowsNoYes
Hyperion EnterpriseNoNo
IQ Report WriterNoNo
R&R Report WriterNoNo
Supports Web Based Reporting Portal:
Create User Specific PortalNoYes
Create Group Specific PortalNoYes
Create Pre Selected/Sorted ReportsNoYes
Dynamic Sorts and SelectsNoYes
Automatically Refresh Specified ReportsNoYes
Display Information GraphicallyNoYes
Drill Down to Source DataNoYes
Track and Display Report VersionsNoYes
View Attachments and WorkpapersNoYes
Attach Notes to ReportsNoYes
Calculate/Display Business Metrics:
User Defined IndicatorsNoYes
Information Displayed on Single/Linked ScreenYesYes
Individual Employee MetricsNoYes
Work Group MetricsNoYes
Enterprise MetricsYesYes
Display Individual and Group Data SimultaneouslyNoYes
Automatically RefreshedYesYes
Trend Line DisplayYesYes
Business Metrics Delivery Options:
Reports OnlyReport WriterYes
Balanced ScorecardsNoYes
Drill Down From Summary DataNoYes
Displays Information GraphicallyYesYes
Internet PostingYesYes
Metrics Refreshed AutomaticallyYesYes
Supports Workflow ManagementNoYes
Workflow Functions Supported:
Purchase Order Requisition ApprovalNoYes
Purchase Invoice ApprovalNoThird Party Product
New Customer Credit ApprovalNoThird Party Product
Customer Credit OverrideNoYes
Problem Sales Order TrackingNoThird Party Product
Debt CollectionNoYes
Employee HiringNoYes
Employee Discipline/TerminationNoYes
Supports Document ManagementNoYes
Sales Organization:
VAR/Reseller Channel OnlyNoYes
Direct Sales OnlyNoNo
Multi-National Requirements
Local Support Provided in:
United StatesYesYes
Latin AmericaNoYes
South AmericaNoYes
Great BritainNoYes
Western EuropeNoYes
Eastern EuropeNoNo
Russian RepublicsNoNo
Middle EastNoYes
Southern/Southeastern AsiaNoYes
Australia/New ZealandNoYes
Languages Supported:
US/UK/Canadian TerminologyYesYes
ArabicNoThird Party Product
ChineseNoThird Party Product
GermanNoThird Party Product
GreekNoThird Party Product
ItalianNoThird Party Product
JapaneseNoThird Party Product
RussianNoThird Party Product
Simultaneous Multi-Lingual by User IDNoYes
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