Accounting Software Selection Introduction - The Accounting Library

At its core The Accounting Software Library is an easy to use but powerful computer-based software selection program by which you can:

  • Understand how this whole accounting software selection process should be organized.
  • Build as detailed a needs definition as required by selecting from a comprehensive list of up to 4,000 features, functions and reports that users and consultants have indicated to us should be considered.
  • Compare your requirements against a wide range of products.
  • Determine which of the up to 150 products in our database are best suited given your unique needs.
  • Analyze the functional strengths and weaknesses of each product.
  • Select that one product with which you can form an efficient and effective partnership.
  • Prepare yourself for the process of installation and implementation.
  • Analyze and improve every aspect of your organization to make sure that you are operating at top efficiency and effectiveness.

Who should purchase The Accounting Software Library?

  • Users: Regardless of whether you are a small company or a Fortune 100, The Accounting Software Library will help you organize this whole process and save you hundreds of hours doing so.
  • Consultants: Join our 700+ consulting subscribers who have found that The Accounting Software Library can help you add real value to the services you offer. If for no other reason using a tool such as The Accounting Software Library will make each engagement more efficient because it will reduce your non-billable hours significantly.
  • Resellers: We have even created a special edition of The Accounting Software Library that helps resellers look and act more like a pure consultant and therefore distinguish themselves from their competition. If you are looking for a competitive advantage, we have the answer for you.
  • Educators: If you teach students how to manage the consulting process, we offer special pricing for educators including unlimited free updates.

Why should you invest in The Accounting Software Library?

  • Regardless of your organization's size the process of selecting a new accounting system will be extremely time consuming. At worst it can prove to be the most traumatic process you or anyone else in your organization will ever face.
  • We will give you a template needs definition that will enable you to literally save hundreds of hours as you struggle to specify exactly what your require. Why should you spend so much time creating a needs definition when we have already done that for you?
  • The value of the time you save in this process alone will exceed your investment several times over.
  • We will provide you with instant access to a whole host of leading products thus eliminating the necessity for you to duplicate the research we have already done.

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