Accounting Software Support

Although The Accounting Library is an easy program to use, we know that some people will have questions; in some cases the same questions as other people. These pages address these commonly asked questions and over time we will post additional support responses as they occur.

Rather than your having to scroll through the entire list of questions, we have compiled an index below so that you will be able to see the questions being asked and jump to them quickly.

  • All subscribers receive a full 30 day money-back guarantee. If you are not completely satisfied with The Accounting Library, we will be more than happy to refund your purchase price (less shipping).
  • All subscribers receive six months of free updates. Solutions updates its subscribers three times each year (July, October and January).
  • Subscribers to either the Enterprise Edition or the Modifiable Edition will receive updates from vendors as they are received rather than following the normal update cycle.
  • All subscribers will receive free technical and consulting support. Our support policy is unique in this industry. We don't care why you want to call us. If you need guidance of any kind to help you in your selection project, you can call us at any time.
  • Solutions will work with subscribers to the Enterprise Edition or Modifiable Edition to add products of specific interest to you, and at no additional cost to you.
  • Solutions will work with subscribers to the Standard Edition to add products of interest to you, but you will have to wait for the normal update cycle to receive this information.
  • Solutions encourages all subscribers to suggest new questions and added functionality. We will try our best to incorporate these suggestions into our program, but cannot guarantee anything other than our best efforts.
  • If you are a consulting subscriber, and are working with a client who might be server more effectively by a product specific to their industry, we will try to help you identify such products.
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