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Software Products Certified by The Accounting Library

We are pleased to announce that we have increased the power and versatility of The Accounting Library dramatically by launching a new program called Product Certification.

The mechanics of the Product Certification program are quite simple:

  • All of the leading mid-market accounting software vendors were asked to participate in this voluntary program.
  • Charles Chewning, publisher of The Accounting Library has met with each participating vendor and reviewed their product in detail for two days.
  • Every single response in the database was verified against specific functionality within the software itself.
  • Mr. Chewning was the final arbiter with respect to each response, not the vendor.
  • Once all product responses were verified, Mr. Chewning reviewed them one final time to make sure that there was complete consistency across all products.
  • Products will be recertified every year.
  • A special symbol will be attached to each certified product in the database so that users can distinguish certified products from all other products easily.
  • User will be able to access additional vendor and product information for each certified product from within the analysis program. While this information is not as comprehensive as that which is available directly from the vendor, it will enable users to learn more about each vendor and certified product without having to wade through pages and pages of marketing literature.
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