ERP Software Reseller Evaluation – Divorcing Your Reseller

September 28th, 2013 by

Divorce Your ERP ResellerERP Software Reseller Evaluation is just as important as evaluating the product or products they represent.  Yes, you need to find a product that meets your functional, processing and information requirements, but if you cannot form a solid business partnership with the product’s reseller or that reseller cannot provide the type and level of product and business knowledge you require, then all of your hard work may be severely compromised.

Firms selecting ERP software need to evaluate the product itself, but they also need to launch an ERP software reseller evaluation.  Same project with two different and equally important processes.

ERP Software Reseller Evaluation – Who is Going to be Your Dance Partner?

Selecting ERP software is a bit like a dance.  It’s also a bit like a marathon.  You need to find a product that meets your functional requirements, but you also need to find a firm that will be with you over the long run.  That’s really the underlying objective.  Resellers need to possess the deep product knowledge you need to drive your firm to greater success.  Resellers also need the technical knowledge to fully implement your new ERP system.  Finally resellers need to be at your side every moment so you can constantly increase your product knowledge as well as business knowledge.

ERP Software Reseller Evaluation – Should You Divorce Your Partner?

Many firms just assume that their dance partner is going to be there whenever needed.  They may also assume that their reseller partner can provide everything they need now and in the future.  Unfortunately that doesn’t always happen.  The reseller could face financial struggles that indirectly affect you.  The reseller could fail to really stay on top of the latest technological environment.  The reseller could even fall behind in terms of product specific knowledge you need to excel.

For whatever reason you might come to the conclusion that you no longer feel comfortable with your reseller partner.  Similarly (but not as frequently) reseller may decide that the cost of doing business with a client is becoming a burden.  You can try talking through the issue, but that doesn’t always work.  Rather than letting the relationship (and your software limp along, it might benefit both parties to go their separate ways.

CAL Business Solutions published several articles recently that address this issue and I would suggest you give them a read.

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ERP Software Reseller Evaluation – Summary

There are two keys to the successful acquisition and utilization of any ERP system: buy the right product and partner with the right ERP reseller.  While we would like to place all of the blame for a failed relationship, users need to shoulder part of the responsibility.  Spend whatever time is required to improve your business processes.  If a firm is not organized for success, the best ERP system and the best ERP reseller will face an uphill battle from the get go.

Once you have selected the best suited product (and you know that because you have thoroughly evaluated the system), select the best suited ERP reseller.  If there is no match, then look elsewhere.  If you think there is a match, but find later that the relationship just isn’t working, then work with your reseller to improve the partnership.  If it just isn’t working, then you need to find another partner.

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