KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) Help Firms Monitor and Improve Productivity

What do we need to do to improve our productivity and as a result our profitability? This is the key question all firms need to ask and answer. If a business is going to achieve sustainable profitability, it has to first convince customers to place orders for goods and services. Second, the business has to… » More

A New Way to Survive the Onerous Budgeting Cycle – Use KPIs

Budgeting can require the investment of thousands of hours. That’s an effective investment. Right? Well perhaps, but only if there’s a return on this investment, and that’s the real issue. Budgeting is an important exercise, but the instant a budget is published it is no longer accurate and therefore relevant. The problem is really quite… » More

Performance Metrics – Create a Framework for Greater Business Success

Performance metrics is one of the keys to increasing business profitability by giving each employee specific information they need to make sound business decisions.  Specifically, performance metrics gives people the ability to concentrate on the areas of the business that require their immediate attention and an environment that allows them to collaborate with others to… » More

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