Software Selection and Business Management Articles

ERP Software Improvement – The Annual Business Checkup

Your ERP software deserves, in fact requires that you initiate a formal review (checkup) at least once each year just as we as human beings hopefully visit our doctor on a routine basis.  If you fail to visit your doctor on a regular basis, the chances that something you did not notice will begin to… » More

Corporate Culture: Setting the Stage for Business Excellence

Corporate culture and corporate vision are two of the key elements that contribute to superior long term business success.  Concepts such as value systems and loyalty also contribute to success.  Notice that I have used the term “long term business success”.  Short term profitability is only marginally connected to corporate culture as it takes a… » More

Best Business Practices: Getting Personal Stuff Done

Best Business Practices sets a path at the enterprise level that people can then follow to make sure business processes are being completed in an efficient and effective manner. Best business practices then sets the framework for increased profitability. At the same time each individual person needs to create a set of best business practices… » More

Best Business Practices: Is Staying Connected 24/7 Truly Effective?

Best business practices and staying connected 24/7 to your business management system and your employees are not compatible. It’s OK to have 24/7 accessibility, but it’s not OK to use that connectivity 24/7/365. Businesses should be able to run without interference and certainly employees should be able to do their jobs without someone looking over… » More

Management Philosophy Creates an Atmosphere for Success

A truly effective management philosophy is a belief system that defines what’s truly important to everyone within an organization, particularly how people within the organization should be treated in pursuit of best business practices (Business Excellence). An organization’s management philosophy is the glue that joins everyone in an organization together so that they can all… » More

Effective Meetings Contribute Significantly to Best Business Practices

Effective meetings strategies can improve the outcome of the decision making process while reducing nonproductive costs (i.e. the labor cost associated with meetings).  Most meetings just waste time. Then multiply that by the number of people attending a meeting and the number of meetings you hold each year and you can see how much time… » More

Business Excellence – People Are More Important Than Technology

Business Excellence is based on the notion that the power of technology may have little effect on long term profitability because that potential cannot be released without the assistance of people, and people have not generally been included in the design, selection, installation, implementation and use of financial management systems.  If you are going to… » More

Business Excellence: Basic Characteristics Leading to Greater Success

Business Excellence cannot be defined precisely, but there are a number of characteristics we might identify as being part of the concept of Business Excellence.  I guess it’s a little like the classic cafeteria menu.  Pick one from Column A and two from Column B.  You don’t have to adopt all of these characteristics in… » More

Business Excellence: The Foundation for Increased Profitability

Business Excellence is the foundation upon which long term profitability can be built.  Unlike best business practices which are the techniques an organization adopts to manage their business processes, Business Excellence recognizes the fact that long term profitability cannot be achieved and sustained without the contribution of each person in an organization. Business Excellence cannot… » More

Change Management Opens the Door to Business Excellence

Change management isn’t just a way to facilitate process improvement.  It’s a philosophy that helps people and organizations define and adopt better futures.  The objective of this whole process is to create an environment in which people have the tools, the knowledge, the encouragement and the help of their peers to make decisions on their… » More

Customer Service Improvement Leads to Revenue and Gross Margin Improvement

Customer service leads to customer interest which then leads to customer orders.  While best business practices covers a large number of subject areas, the most important objective of any business is to stay in business.  You could be the most efficient company in the world, but fail due to lack of new or sustaining business…. » More

Defining Effective Business Leaders

Leadership and the fundamental attributes that define effective business leaders have not really changed in thousands of years when they were first recognized. The prominent attributes of business leaders were defined at that time as individuals who possessed an understanding of fair ethics and personal integrity; two incredibly simple concepts, yet as vitally important today… » More

Credit and Collections: Effective Strategies Can Generate a Substantial Cash Flow

Credit and Collections strategies, if properly applied can help firms reduce Accounts Receivable (AR) balances and generate a substantial one-time cash flow.  In this challenging economy some customers will delay payment for as long as they possibly can do so.  In other cases invoices are not paid on time because there is some form of… » More

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